UK ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY - Macro Flowers - #macrophotography

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I love how these flowers hold the raindrops!

Don't forget to click the image for the full screen effect! :)


1/500s, F8, ISO 200, 300mm

This image is my own, taken with my Nikon D5300, using a Sigma 18-300mm lens and edited using PhotoScape software which you can find free online here: (

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Much love and peace to you my Steemit friends!
@beautifulbullies (bulldogs) xx

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I really like - Macro Flowers - #macrophotography ,,,,you can you great flower Photography ,,,,,,I really appriciate your post,,Thanks for share with us..

This photo is stunning. I love experimenting with macro as well, especially during summer when there are so many insects flying or landing on the flowers. I love the reflection of the light in the water drops. Beautiful. A delight for my eyes.

Thank you! I can't wait for spring and summer to come! I don't think I will ever be indoors again lol

Cracking shot, think you have got the hang of the Nikon :)

Thank you @stevejhuggett! :) Still so much to learn, but I am getting better with every shot and learning from my frustrations more than anything lol

I know what you mean, changing is so frustrating! :)

really beautiful shot, really like the drops of water. well done xx

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