The Beauty of Fire - UK ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY #adsactly #photofeed

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We had a small bonfire last night as we had a lot of wood to get rid of, plus it was nice to sit outside with a glass of wine around the fire and chat.

Once the flames were really going, I noticed that I had been almost hypnotised by the beauty of the colours and wanted to capture the image with my camera.

Here are a couple of images I took of the flames. Such beauty in such a destructive force...

Don't forget to click the images for the full screen effect...



I could meditate to fire for hours!

These images are my own, taken with my Nikon D5300 using my 18 - 300mm contemporary lens, edited with PhotoScape software, which you can find free to use online.

I hope you have enjoyed my post, thank you for visiting my blog!

Much love, @beautifulbullies xx


The long distance riders I hang with from time to time call it 'Caveman TV'. Just nothing better. The absolute perfect place for the end of a good cigar is in a campfire.

Thanks for the lovely photos. It's incredibly presumptuous to post a picture on a photographer's site, but here is my last look at 'Caveman TV' on a ridge above the Salton Sea. Nearest person was at least a mile away.

Sounds like percection to me! :)

Fire is not easy to photograph in low light, unless you leave the shutter open for some interesting effects! Did the neighbours not complain at you having an impromptu fire?

Lol no we have a good relationship with our neighbours and they knew we were having a fire beforehand :)

How nice to be able to sit around a fire and just be. We haven't done that in years. It is too dry here to do that. Also helps with yard cleanup. Two in one.

haha yes, it really does! xD We broke up an old kennel that we have never used because I don't like the dogs sleeping outside and it hasn't ever been used in 8 years of buying it! It was taking up precious play space for the dogs, so it had to go :) I did try to give it away but sadly nobody wanted it!

wow this first shot is amazing, I do love an open fire, the flames are so magical and hypnotic as you said xxx

Very beautiful photos! Fire, sea side, candles and sunset are very special. Here the weather became hot and we will miss these moments until the next winter :(

Very nice, a bonfire and a glass of wine It can not be better :)

Absolutely! Good wine and good company, chatting around a fire... pure bliss! :)

I follow your profile and upvote this post. i waiting for last post @beautifulbullies

Oh what a fire!! I can also watch the beauty of it for hours!!

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