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Nebula spotted in the Steem Universe!!

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Awesome Proof of Muscle and Proof of Training,
Energy is required to gain any kind of social, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual substance;

@samfitness you should start a witness for your fitness; exercises and food are so !important;
Do you also invest into body health and nutrition?

Great to hear you getting into programming, I feel it is becoming a requirement and part of literacy (ability to read and write).

Java is one of the oldest languages, JS is client side (your computer processes it) while PHP is server side (the web server processes it);

I find it interesting how this();
The parts that exist between my screen and yours (in programing) is similar to "this";
The space between you and the screen and the space between me and the screen.

The same as in JS only once you have variables / reference point / function (information) you can use or understand this() else it is undefined.
The same as "this" is based on the matter and energy / gravity / magnetism / strong and weak force (information) we have since the BIG BANG.

this(); && "this";
problem is most people only exist like this() and not "this".

So my only question is "who is really behind the screen of "this" not this()?".

We can go way out sometimes and get lost in space with philosophy but you always have to come back down and ground yourself.

Focussing on programming there are plenty JS videos on youtube, also study Meteor if you want to further yourself in JS, =>

Once you know how to read and write the code, might even have work for you.
We are looking for community builders to join our galaxy.
All the best.

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