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The Life of a Simple Belarus Socialist

"Everyone says:" You must give us money! ". I do not owe anything to anyone. You owe it to the state and me as a representative of this state."

  • Alexander Lukashenko

What does a person need for a decent life? The answer to this question may sound different. First of all, it depends on where you live and what you do - it creates your opportunities. But what if your possibilities are limited to your state? What if your work does not bring you satisfaction and decent pay? In today's article, I want to tell and show what life looks like through the eyes of ordinary Belarusians.

I will not take into account civil servants, businessmen or bankers - in Belarus it is a separate caste of people who live in another Belarus, separate from the rest. Their wages in 2017 set a record growth, they are doing well.

In 2016, President Lukashenko publicly gave instructions to his subordinates, this is a quote from his words:

"500 dollars next year for all the complexities and why not it's worth it - Steal, Dig, Find! Anything, but $ 500 must be done"

  • Alexander Lukashenko

Loud words true? It's funny to hear when the president of the country instructs on television to "steal, dig out or find" $ 500 for every citizen of the country. But for most residents of Belarus, this statement is nothing more than another populism from the "father". Why? Because it happens almost every year. The last time in 2014, Lukashenko promised every working citizen of the country $ 1000, but no one saw this money.

Today on the state-run Internet resources, people are shown statistics, suggesting that they have almost reached the coveted $ 500. Unfortunately, ordinary people do not see this money. Apparently, for the average indicator directors of enterprises increase their salaries to themselves and to the management apparatus. Various manipulations are made to raise the average wage. But this does not apply to ordinary workers.

An interesting fact: In Belarus, the director of any state-owned enterprise is officially allowed to pay his own wages 7 times more than the salary of the highest paid employee. Socialism? It's worse.

The level of wages and opportunities also depends on the region of your residence. Obviously, in the capital of the country, the city of Minsk has the highest salary and ample opportunities. But "we do not judge the book by its cover, we judge it by its content." So let's go deep into the content and continue to reflect.

How can you make money in the country that ranks third in the list of the poorest countries in Europe? In a country where half of GDP is spent on servicing the external public debt, and the second half is spent on maintaining the state apparatus and law enforcement agencies.

current inscription in English means "The police love us"

"You will live badly, but not for long!"

  • Alexander Lukashenko in his address to the citizens. Freudian slip.

An interesting fact: in December 2017 in Minsk teachers were instructed to collect an analysis of the stool of their students. But later, when the public started talking about this, the instruction was canceled. It's funny, but Nigeria wants to adopt the education system from Belarus. What for?

The history of one family

The best way to find out about the city or about the country is to talk to its aboriginals. Therefore, I will retell a brief history of one family. For security reasons, I will not name their real names.

Maria Mikhailovna from the Vitebsk region is a loving wife and mother of 2 children. Last year, the company in which her husband worked was closed, and he became a unemployed debtor to Lukashenka. For a long time, he was looking for a new job, but he could not find anything - there are simply no vacancies. Fear for the welfare of his family forced him to go illegally to earn money in Russia.

So many people do! Here in Belarus, there is no work at all, but everyone wants to live. Therefore, husbands leave to work in Moscow. My husband works illegally and therefore here he is listed as a parasite. Comes 1 time in 60 days, leaves money and again leaves. Children do not see their father, and I'm a husband, sad. But our laws are against the unemployed. Up to what brought the country! (meaning the president)

  • says Maria Mikhailovna

Maria herself works in a kindergarten - teachers receive about 300 rubles (~ $ 150) a month.

Are you going to live on that money? All wages go to food and utilities. And what about the children? The younger 5 years he goes to kindergarten and the senior fourteen-year-old to school. Last year I received a notice from the bank, in which I was offered to take a loan to buy clothes for children. He was called: "Take a loan to raise a child to school" It's just crazy! Issue a loan to buy clothes! What's next? Will they give loans for food?

  • indignantly says Maria Mihailovna

This is the bitter truth with bark faced by people trying to live honestly. Banks offer to take a loan in order to collect their child in school. In what normal country, a working person who receives wages can not afford to put his child to school and he has to borrow in a bank?

"Shovel in hand - dig, do not dig - then today you are hungry."

  • Alexander Lukashenko.

At the end of the conversation, Maria Mikhailovna said:

When all this is over I do not know, but every year life gets worse. Even refugees from Ukraine do not want to live here. We have to change something, but people are afraid.

There are many examples of this family. Each family will have reasons to be unhappy with the constantly declining standard of living.

An interesting fact: a programmer from Minsk created a website in which all the promises of Belarusian officials were collected - for this he was fired, the site still works.

In such circumstances, some people do not have to live but survive. Belarus is among the leaders in the rate of price growth among the countries of Europe. Belarus is also one of the most drinking countries in the world. People drink from despair, they think that they can not change the situation in their country. But is it really so?

The decree of the President of the cryptocurrency.

"I will not lead my state beyond the civilized world."

  • Alexander Lukashenko.

To be brief, the new decree on crypto-currencies does not tax the mining of any cryptocurrency. Now individuals can perform any operations with tokens, including input and output and not declare it. This is good news for those who do it. Despite the opportunities offered by the decree, it does not change the situation in the country.

Let's think constructively and answer such a question. How does the decree on crypto-currency regulation help pensioners who receive $ 150 a month and spend all their money on utility bills and medicines?
How will this help the poor family and people who have lost their jobs?

According to the state - this will contribute to the inflow of Western investment. Does Lukashenka think that the cryptocurrency will allow him to correct the situation? For sensible people, the answer is obvious.

According to the experts' calculations, an outflow of young specialists takes place every year from Belarus. Some people leave their country forever without seeing prospects here. The other part works abroad because in their country they simply do not have a place. The nation is degenerating, the latest news says that by 2050 the population of Belarus will decrease by 1,000,000 people. It's sad.

In the end, I wanted to insert the words of one person:

this country deserves better!

Peace to you and your home.

Authored by: Belarus Insider
(Author will not be curating this post for obvious reasons.)

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What does a person need for a decent life??? When you allow others to answer that question for you then they are your masters. When you allow the Government to answer that for you then you are less than a slave, you are a cog to be used up and thrown away.

Belarus has a more or less free market economy, you can register as a sole trader or register a limited liability company and do business there, however, my understanding is that just like in Russia the state has control of a lot of 'important'/big companies so there's a pretty large state sector in the economy. Plus Belarus still has all the social safety nets and free social services that it inherited from the USSR, such as free healthcare, free educaiton, state pensions.


Yeah, being a free market economy (or being close to it) doesn't mean much when you as a private entrepreneur are strained by the states power and many compulsory payments that backup all the "free" services - which, ofcourse, have to be payed by someone. Same thing that bothers Belarus, can be seen in Croatia. Too bad.

Restructuring is really key to alleviating this dictatorship palava in belarus. The youth needs to stand up now because the future of the children who are gonna be the youth in near future is at stake. The government Trying to use cryptocurrencies to correct their wrongdoings is totally unacceptable. What if it crashes and never rises again. Then the future and whole of belarus goes with it?? Never.

God bless Belarus💖💖


The question is what value is cryptocurrencies is providing? As a core entrepreneur, I believe in creating value for making money. You can analyze that in so many ways.

If you see any nation, state, community, family, and even individual suffering, it is because the create less value to receive something in returns. They bring little or nothing to the table. It is a natural law


God has blessed Belarus for a long time!To write comments about her, you have to live there.Belarus is a beautiful republic!This small country created itself anew.Although the first one, which legalized the crypto currency!;)


People are in dire need of brain drain especially the young ones and it can't be alone done by the youth but government has to provide them a promising career in their own backyards. May God make it easy for poor people who will suffer anyway


highly qualified comments


It's just this post so touched my own backyard conditions. We suffer at the same thing and the damage happens to our state. Rich gets richer and poor just gets more poorer. It's just young people from every place just need a little motivation and support


Ya that really happens....may God be with those who suffer alot....


You are right, but this migration destroys poor people and the country in general. More appropriate solutions should be found in South Africa and some African countries are now offering many possibilities


What is there that can be done? People shouldn't be made to live like this because of their location or status.


Serious mixed feelings i got reading this post. Gush!

Funny thing is the name Belarus has rang on my ears many times, my actual thinking was “Belarus must be a beautiful country with lots of fun there” little did I know people are suffering especially the less oppurtunist in which the government have failed them. The president Alexander Lukashenko thinking of using cryptocurrencies to right his wrongs thinking that would make people live better, my question is “what if cryptocurrencies never existed? Where will citizens of Belarus get money to invest? Is it loans from banks? When they are not well fed. This is Such a very sad story for a popular name “Belarus”

It's just sad what people from some countries in Europe have to deal with.Many are looking for a solution outside their own countries and somewhere else where they could earn better and have a better life in general.The way the governments think is definitely not good and it may take time until that changes.Like seriously, 150 $ per month is just not enough for a family, there needs to be some changes there if they don't want their country to be left with few people in the end.Cryptocurrencies might be one great thing since people could start mining there without worrying about the government going against them but how long is it going to be like that and the real question is can everyone start mining ? Obviously not. There have to be some changes.

Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts.


As always you and your good articles ,,, this story is curious ,,, it seems to me what is happening in Venezuela ,,, I think that in Venezuela Latin American country is much worse thing ,,, Belarus Socialist; socialism is a treacherous word, the great politicians use it according to them "to magnify the one who has little and to take away the one who has more", because according to them in socialism they all have to be equal ,,,, (when the pure truth is that the poorest are still poor, and the one who has tried in any way to take them away) those who use the word socialism to conquer a nation are nothing but pure corrupt thieves, who benefit from the desperation of the poorest (in which any part of the world are the majority) to ride in power, there is when the real nightmare begins for any nation ,,, my most heartfelt words of encouragement for this great nation Belarus ,,,,,


It’s really sad to read stories from the family like Maria Mikhailovna said:
“When all this is over I do not know, but every year life gets worse. Even refugees from Ukraine do not want to live here. We have to change something, but people are afraid.”
These bureaucrats only promise, because they know they are poor people’s only hope. People think it will be different this time, but unfortunately it’s already planed to be the same.


Naturally, things will turn around, but for how long? It takes patience. Maybe through revolution, who knows

This cycle will continue and the same system is used repeatedly.
A change is needed and Crypto currencies cannot make that change alone,
This article may offer the beginning of an alternative.


Not only it will not make that changes alone. What change will it make? What value will crytocurrencies create for the unemployed?


Apologies returning a reply late, But one I had some thought put into,
Already the Cypto has opened doors for employment, the exchanges, Mining, and transfers payments.
The value of crypto for the unemployed should be the same as it is for those employed. The currency needs to gain a wider audience of users and outlets for use, before it can have an impact in the wrold of present. We can make those outlets which accept crypto.
In the next 20 years Employment will be needed for approx 15%+ of the workforce. 15% is Just transport drivers, Be it Haulage of goods or Taxi service or postal services. This workforce will need alternative employment, This will happen due to the increase is self driving vehicles. There will be other advances in tech which will increase that volume of unemployed. This decrease in employment is expected to happen at approx 100K per year.
These people should be catered for and not have to suffer for the cost of progress.

While my ambition is not set out as creation of employment. I am more of the morality of the way the rules work and those I would like to see changed.

Solutions, These are never easy to come by, and finding alternative employment for such a massive amount of people, will not be an easy task. I do not hold a solution to that amount of people losing employment. However I do believe it is possible over that time to implement infrastructure which can reduce the costs of living.
When these people lose their present employment. The burden should be absorbed by the majority. Reduction in the basic costs of living over such a large % eases the burden on both those without employment and those who absorb the cost.
I have done a blog touching on the changes needed outlining a direction, I believe is positive for the future and gives more equality to those with a voice not yet heard.

If you would not mind to read, I would appreciate any objections you might find in my thoughts, or anything positive you think should be pursued with a higher determination.

Link is the same as the one in previous post.

I'm so very impressed by this great act of writing. I feel every bit of the words you used. This piece got me crying..
Lord help these people..
I'm new here and I'm inspired.

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post....
Carry on next
Best of luck..
I will still wait for your next post....
upvote done

In the past I was never thinking about problems like this. But your post shows me that I can be happy to live in a country in which I do not have any worry I have my home and work. Moreover I have rights.

All in all I wish every people in this world all the best.
And never forgot what Gandhi said:
„It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of Gold and Silver“!

waaah. Good friend. increase knowledge

Interesting post and strong mister character

This matter of Maria taking a loan from the bank just to buy clothes for her children reminds me of the USA Federal Government taking a loan of fiat federal reserve debt notes to pay for infrastructure expenses. But, the Federal Government has gold, silver, and by constitutional law is supposed to coin money even print US Treasury notes based on those coins. Instead, the powers that were and presently be have cowered to international bankers on those bankers fake money and are now nearly $20 trillion dollars in debt.
The USA is no Belarus, but similar looking in some ways. It's time to have a house of stone and wood, not cards.

politics is a very important for any nation because its a main step to gain basic right.but nowdays its result very bad for the world sush as syria and many other country
nice blog


Yes, community without leadership, we need it.

amazing post...
i enjoy to read this post
upvoted and resteem

your positive great thinking pick off on your post... fantastic post and i impressed to see it...

Los problemas Sociales y económicos se consiguen en todos los países del mundo. sólo que en algunos es peor que en otros. Pensé por un momento que estaba leyendo sobre Venezuela. Aquí la pobreza es horrible.

Just voted you man.
Great job.

Really funny,lets come back to nigeria my country politicians always make promises they never can fullfil

i head new id plz upvote

Another of the many texts from Western capitalist cuisine against the Belarusian people and the state.Belarusia is a state in which all are employed and live a normal life, education is free, health is free etc. It is obvious to the West that it does not control the Belarusian people.


This text was written by a person living in Belarus all life. Please, accept that not everyone likes what's going on there.

awesome post keep up, you earned my vote

problems like that happen to our lives, then that's what we need to fix for now for the upcoming progress @adsactly

thats such an interesting story about the aboriginals

i will done upvote.. nice post

a very interesting post.
I like it very much.
good luck always brother

wao nice steem post

woooooow : O

usefull information man! greeting from Portugal

nice your politics post

Is just surprising at time with the kind of wicked leaders we have in the helm of affairs in some countries. Well i appreciate your post, wishing you good luck.

I really like your post

That sounds like Jamaica

I enjoy with this article

owww......tnxxx for good news
great post sir

Nice updete

sad story new generations is going towards depression day by day

useful sharing

You are correct dear money is not every thing respect is everything

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You mention Nigeria in this article, even before I got there have being seeing that. Its really serious.

Nigeria an its educational system what thinking about, but the political system is even worst. They are there to enrich themselves. Over 95% of any office holder is there for the money, nothing more. There salaries is so ridiculous you will be wondering are this people heartless. They are really is. It is really glaring God truly bless Nigeria in a lot of ways. But what about the management, are we still leaving that to Him.

But notwithstanding, looking at what you shared here, Nigeria is still far better than that except that we have made corruption part of our daily life. Both the leader and the followers. Corruption takes place at every level in this country called Nigeria, even withing the familyFlag-map_of_Nigeria.svg.png

Image credit:

Funny thing is the name Belarus has rang on my ears many times, my actual thinking was “Belarus must be a beautiful country with lots of fun there” little did I know people are suffering especially the less oppurtunist in which the government have failed them.

thank you for providing my friend information, may be useful for all of us thanks, excellent photography life and amazing information.

Thank you for sharing this valuable post.

Sharing this story is one thing; reading it is another; understanding it is yet another; but learning from it is the most aspect of it and the beauty of steemit - Great

I did not know the situation in Belarus, it's really sad, sad to get to go elsewhere to find money to live, but still there as everywhere, the government will make the decisions again and again and not will not worry about people who have nothing .

@adsactly this is one of the best article ever read



I think that freedom in this country will be non-existent and is under the influence of Russia so far as was Ukraine in the past

Good job sir...
Very nice post...
Plz hlp for me also.. m new in steemit so plz sir put vote for mee


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this is veery good post government has to provide them a promising career in their own backyards. May God make it easy for poor people who will suffer anyway
Sabāra sāthē śēẏāra karāra jan'ya dhan'yabāda
Thanks for sharing with every one

Good job, i will start follow you and waiting impressive works :) Also follow me for reading my articles.

i strongly believe that the problem to these poor countries is always the leaders if the government are together in oneness good deeds can be achieved

interesting Blog @adsactly . i would like to share it with my followers .

Here in Venezuela is almost the same, but with $10 only... Good Job i like post like these

Buen post amigo!!

Thank you for an informative article👍

It´s a close reality here in Europe, that many of us don't realise that happens... its great to see that cryptocurrencies might be helping or starting to help some people of this countries, with an extra income.

150$ a month is less than 3$ a day, Belarus has a cost lifestyle not very high, but anyways 3$ a day is almost nothing, very close to the extreme poverty.

Their GDP: $75 trillion

Great post...please upvote me

Belarus Socialist is looking fine to me

Cryptocurrency is not alone.

It's very sad story. The state do something for its younger generation.

Amazing post.
I like this story

True sad story

follow and vote muktariza011095

Nice to meet you!!@adsactly!
Thank you for the best post!

Nothing can ruin a country like socialism and its inherent corruption and hypocrisy. Just look at Venezuela. Only socialism can economically destroy an oil rich country. But the consequences are far-reaching, in Croatia we still feel paralyzed because of 50 years of socialist regime. It gets into people's heads and makes them unable to recover for generations.

wow very nice

I like you

Thanks for bringing awareness to your situation. Similar case can be made around many Eastern European countries and something needs to be done with this cancer known as socialism.

Thank you for this illuminating text. I didn't think it was smooth sailing in Belarus for the average Joe before, but it is difficult to comprehend the scope of daily struggle until you either live through it yourself or someone tells of their dire experiences.

The decree on crypto is, well, grim. It's like telling a band of hunter-gatherers they'll be exempt from fuel tax. While people do have the fate of their lives largely in their hands through the human power of adaptation, leaders of proper spirit would strive to provide their people with the best means for achieving prosperity. The only problem is how would people with their heart in the right place reach the upper echelons of power when men more driven by the lure of wealth vie for the same positions. Also, when the existing structure is corrupt to begin with, why would it accept new servants under its wing that do not agree with its self-serving premises?

Oh, this problem is not only in Belarus, in Latvia we have also a lot of problems that citizens can do nothing. There was a case that citizens did not like one politician, so when we could vote- everyone voted against her to exclude from the politician list. In the end, she forced another politician to retire and took over his place saying in the news that citizens are stupid and can do nothing against her. How fair it is?

okurken keyif aldım :)

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Restructuring is really key to alleviating this dictatorship palava in belarus. The youth needs to stand up now because the future of the children who are gonna be the youth in near future is at stake. The government Trying to use cryptocurrencies to correct their wrongdoings is totally unacceptable. What if it crashes and never rises again. Then the future and whole of belarus goes with it?? Never.

God bless Belarus💖💖

i just cannot stop myself to read this till end .very heart touching sensitive issue of society .this problem is increasing day by day in Pakistan too...need attention

please learn about IPFS and post there as well. this post should go viral thru other social media and to make sure key caring freer world political leaders get to read this as well.

so sad to read about such a loving country ravaged by bad leaders. I once visited Belarus when i was travelling from Russia to Ukraine, passed through Belarus to Kiev. Such a lovely people. nice architecture but ravaged by poor communist style leadership. Well, blame goes to the people as they allow themselves to be lead like sheeps by one man for decades. The people should rise up and say no to tyranny and you see the west and other countries will talk sense to the leadership. thanks for sharing

With that shitty weather you can be socialist, communism or whathever dude. You'll spend your life in your house. Capitalism is more for sun and beach stuff.

Politics! Politics! Politics!

When politicians talk even at religious gatherings, I stick my fingers in my ears so I won't hear them and rather choose to amuse myself at the roaring voices that rent the air in appreciation knowing deep down that they'll never come true.

But why must it be so? Because it's difficult to change what has already been

@donaldpete used an important keyword "RESTRUCTURING" and I 100% second that that is the only thing that will correct the current situation (I hope I'm right).

Delegating a certain amount to every family in the country is somewhat of misappropriation of government funds. Why don't you give them means and chances to make more than the stipulated amount? Why don't you empower the youths and enlighten them on steps to take to ensure survival? Why don't you visit the poor and help them pick up broken pieces of their lives? Placing them on fixed ratio sounds capitalistic and that's not the way forward.

Reminds me of what people are passing through in my country #nigeria.

Es triste ver que pasen estas cosas!