ADSactly Travels - Driving Through Europe - part#2

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Driving Through Europe-part#2

Days spent on the journey with the person I share the most beautiful moments in life became an unlimited inspiration to my happiness and joy.
A sense of calmness flooded all my senses. Like a short-circuit that suddenly fired the fuse and at the same time eradicated a series of glittering candles that were previously filled with obligations.
These are candlesticks that are activated daily, by the early morning alarm, when we are trying to delay getting up for five minutes, and then five more, until the thought of losing work does not pass through to the whole body and suddenly transpires and revives the body.
Then you put on the shirt, pants, jump in shoes, drink your cup of coffee standing on your feet, without any pleasure in its scent and taste, and wait for it to wake you up like a straight right (punch) in a face.
And all this for the higher goal; serving eight hours a day at work.
In the evening the candles are gone, but never completely. Before you fall into a sleep, you consider whether you have met all of the criteria you have been expected to meet for that day.
Finally, when the candles are extinguished, some occasionally flicker, and you awake and think of unwanted obligations. It all brings the thoughts into your mind like a ping pong ball that tirelessly bounces from the angles and corners producing a well-known sound, one that prevents you from falling asleep.

Mark and I left far behind this stalwart daily routine for a few days. We were in the north of Europe, located at Ana's apartment in Kirchberg.
It is a new, modern and business district in Luxembourg, where the most important institutions of the European Union are located.
The neighborhood is not yet built and you can see cranes, work machines and work equipment everywhere.

We decided to spend the first day in Luxembourg.
Until the afternoon we wandered through the streets and parks and enjoyed the beautiful views from the old city walls. Like typical tourists, we photographed the monuments and studied each corner of the city.

Later that day we met with Ana in front of the entrance to the European court, where she works. After we had passed all the possible controls and got visitor cards, we finally got in.

As many times before I was convinced again that the world is a village, and the social networks are its maps.
When I added Ana to my Facebook account I realized that we had a common friend Antonio.
This is my friend from elementary school days with whom I shared a bench and shuddered as the professor swirled pages of directory unmercifully.
Several years ago, Antonio went to live in Luxembourg because he had gotten a job at the European Court. He works in the same department as Ana, and they are good friends.
I did not let him know I was coming. Ana and I decided to surprise him.

Croatian department is located on the 16th floor of a modernist building. Alongside the corridor, there is a long line of doors, from which you enter the offices.
We went to Ana’s. The office was large and spacious. The feeling of the magnitude has been highlighted by a glass wall from which you could see the other part of the European Court tower and the entire city.

Antonio's office is located on the other end of the corridor.
We agreed that Ana would go to his office to check if he was alone and to let me know from the door. It would not be a good idea to get inside like a crazy person while a client was in the office.
As she scanned the situation I wrapped my long white scarf around my mouth and forehead.
You could only see my eyes. She gave me the signal that he was alone and then I went in.
When I saw him, I started to mumble in some incomprehensible language, waving my hands around. He looked at me as if I were a complete madman, wide-eyed, not knowing what he would say. Although surprised by the appearance, he remained calm and collected as a true professional.
Finally, I started laughing, I could no longer control myself.
After he realized who I was he said the sentence I was completely expecting "OMG what are you doing here!?" It was a real surprise, a neighborhood friend who he expected to see only in Zagreb, was now standing in front of him.
Far from primary school bench and the local cafe, in a foreign country in northern Europe.
After the emotions had calmed down, Ana and Antonio showed us around the Court.
Then someone suggested that we go to a pub for a beer. We went to one of their favorites.

As we looked at the photos Mark and I took this morning, they told us about the history of the city and its sights.
Through Luxembourg rivers Alzette and Pétrusse flow. The town is situated on steep hills connected by numerous bridges, Ana started explaining.
On this photo you can also see European court where we work and which you visited today. Besides the Court, there are Luxembourg's national concert hall-The Philharmonie Luxembourg, European Parliament, EFTA court, European Commission, European Convention Center Luxembourg, hotel Melia.

We kept scrolling through the photos and when we got to the old city walls, Antonio told us something about their history.
Throughout history in Luxembourg ruling of the great powers were changed. The reason for this was the development of a military fort, which was built in 963 by Siegfried when he bought Rocher du Bock and built a fortress, castellum Lucilinburhuc.
Around the fortress the city of Luxembourg gradually developed. Continuous conflicts and siege of the city have led to the strengthening of the existing fortress, its expansion and the construction of the first underground tunnels. Because of its size and complexity in the 18th century it was named the Gibraltar of the north.
Wall constructions today attracts many visitors. The fortress remains were included in UNESCO's list of world and cultural heritage. Unfortunately that day it was closed, so Mark and I couldn't manage to visit it or walk through its underground tunnels.
We walked along the city walls from which we saw the Grund, a part of the city located in the Alzette valley. There is the Neumunster Abbey, which was built in the 16th century, after which it was repeatedly destroyed and refurbished. Since the late 1990s the European Institute for Cultural Routes has been the seat of the European Cultural Institute.

This is the captured frame of the Judicial Center, Antonio kept on going.
The site on which it is built, Plateau du Saint-Esprit, is located in a buffer zone, close to the area which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Because of this fact, prior to the construction of the Judicial Center at this site, it had been necessary to obtain the approval of the World Heritage Committee.

You saw, The Grand Duke Palace (Palais Grand-Ducal) it is the official headquarters of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri Albert Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume, where he carries out most of his duties for the last 18 years.

As we looked at the photos, we saw a very interesting one.
While we wandered the streets, we entered a passageway. We came across a shop where Placebo was written in big letters. The shop was growing marijuana, and was fully equipped with equipment necessary for enabling the conditions for growth. We asked if we could buy a gram, but the seller has explained that marijuana is being grown for medical purposes and that has a different composition, without thc, so he could sell it to us but it will not get us "high".

Walking the streets of the city, I got the impression of a big building site.
Cranes, work machines and work equipment were everywhere; by the road, squares, in front of museums, hotels and churches.
We looked at the renovating of existing facades, paving streets and squares, or building new complexes of modern buildings and trams which would better connect the newly constructed parts of the city with the center.

Antonio and Ana told us many more interesting city-related things.
The hours passed quickly as we spoke and laughed. In the afternoon, we said goodbye to Antonio, agreed to go for a coffee sometime and headed for the apartment.

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"Placebo" Interesting name for an attenuated Pot Shop :D


I think even the medicinal use of marijuana in pain conditions is based on i't high. So technically if it doesn't give a high it shouldn't have medicinal effect.


post the best from all


An interesting comment, but it is more profitable to start a new day every day;)

Well, I was also in the building of European court and Parliament twice when going to Luxembourg for an interview for the job. I passed in my home town of Zagreb two parts of exams but interview and 'group work test' was there. I must admit that it was kinda nonsense to pay us a trip twice because this two parts were divided by two weeks. But ok, this was paid so I didn't argue. Good for you that you had apartment in Luxembourg, I had to sleep in Trier (Germany) some 45 minutes with local bus. Lots of people that work in Luxembourg live in Trier because it's much cheaper. But first time I was in Luxembourg in 1997 while being a driver on a tour for a metal band called 'Paradoxal Treatment' and that was really great experience. Club was some kind of a squat and we were sleeping on the ceiling. When I woke up next day, I realized the club was car workshop in the times before. What experience it was... Some said: Only traveling you really live! :)

What a good publication, I liked the story very much, it is very romantic in addition to the visited sites very beautiful, the impeccable photographs, while reading I imagined that it was me who was in those places, very good work you should congratulate, thank you for sharing this fascinating publication, You know I'm your follower and I'm pending


Ooh, this is so beautiful comment, thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed :)


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OMG. i can't believe that i read your post twice. Ana did play a wonderful role in surprising Antonio. There is nothing greater than friendship. if you don't mind, allow me use Ana's techniques to surprise my friend that i did promise to visit next week.

Thanks a lot. fell blessed


Wow you read my post twice, that's so cool :) :)
Ana helped me a lot.
Sure, go ahead use her techniques and surprise your friend!

With a little imagination I could fill in the gaps within the pictures, the world is indeed a global village with the internet in place. Beautiful pictures that want to make me visit. Looks sunny and makes for a great outdoor day. Loved the name of the marijuana place; Placebo looks apt as a name for the place.

Would love to see Part 1 of driving through Africa though :)

friend I loved that post about everything the editorial, the way you tell the story at the time you are doing the rrecorrido inside the city or you were writing a book, as I read each line I want to follow the other and I finish short reading, I congratulate you, those photos gave me an idea to make a staircase like that.

Europe is one of my dream vacations , hopefully I can save money from here and take a visit, such a beautiful place and even the people are friendly compared to New York City

Wow this is incredible. Such a professional post

We asked if we could buy a gram, but the seller has explained that marijuana is being grown for medical purposes and that has a different composition, without thc, so he could sell it to us but it will not get us "high".

wow! for real, a marijuana that doesnt get one high? how come I am just hearing about it. I know many people have been agitating the legalization of marijuana but i never knew there was a specie that could actually be used for medical purpose and never gets anyone high...thanks for this, I have learnt something new from your post today. # Happy

Wow. Nice picture. I could feel the adventure here in Africa. Nice place to be. If traveling was free, you'll never see me again cos I love traveling.

I just got to know that there are some places marijuana is sold openly. Here, if you're caught, you're gone.


I agree. i'm @Drewid follow me an put like and spare

Thank you very much for your nice sharing. Luxembourg is a beautiful city. I personally have not gone yet. my uncle lives in Luxembourg. I hope I can go for a ride in it. I have seen Luxembourg in this way. I appreciate it once again that I understood where I should see what you wrote.

Your should also visit Africa. It's so warm and beautiful here; we are very accommodating, and our foods are just so delicious


Roger that!

As many times before I was convinced again that the world is a village, and the social networks are its maps.

This is so true. I have met a few friends through social media who I happen to have some mutual friends with. It always turns out really amazing when we have a get together.

I can only imagine the look on his face when you stepped in and how he subsequently reacted.

I like these views you shared. They are beautiful and now, i wish i could visit this place soon.

Beautiful narration, i must say!


Thank you. :)


Yea.. you're welcome

Luxemborg really looks like I place I need to visit myself. Since I live so far away from home, every time I'm on vacation I only travel to Berlin to meet my parents. No more time and money to go on other bigger trips.
But in the future I will definitely move back to Germany and do some extended Europe travel. Luxemborg is on my list!!

Seems like you had alot of fun on your trip, your photos say alot about that, i look forward to awesome experiences like this when i make my next tour trip by summer


Each trip is a new experience, even if you go to the same place twice. Yes, I had a lot of fun and great company. Enjoy :)


Exactly, new experience and new memories that will be cherished for a long time💗

amazing places,, thnx for sharing


Thanks for reading.

The Grand Duke of Luxembourg must have the longest name in the world Henri Albert Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume.

wow this city are just too beautiful and amazing, great, next time i do travel with you guys ☺
How can i join the adsactly team and be an amb for Nigeria community.?
i was told to read all parts of adsactly, i have even read 29.

Travelling, in whatever form, entails variegated experiences which include excitement, adventure, learning and fun. I enjoyed your experiences thoroughly.

Thank you for always bringing us top quality content!

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A very enjoyable trip with our dear ones is a very exciting story

How fun. To take a journey and surprise a friend like that.

It's a great post, thank you for it!

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Super post @adsactly .
Never knew medical marijuana wouldn't get you high. Haha, my bad.

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Awesome captured photos and story @adsactly! The streets, city and building are amazing.

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You have traveled beautiful :)

This beautiful images brightened your post

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I hope I can go for a ride in it,It's so warm and beautiful here, we are very accommodating, i wish i could visit this place soon,good shot ,pictures are so beautiful or atteractive

wow.. seems like Europe is a quite please and a great place to relax.

keep safe sir @adsactly

Ahh your post makes me thinking of my days in Europe before.....

vow , great photos .

a very pleasant post. I was excited while I was reading and I was curious. Luxembourg took its place among the cities I would go to.

Spectacular shots , i admire your posts as always

super pictures I could feel the adventure here in Africa,I am just hearing about it,I have learnt something new from your post today,your photos say alot about this place,I appreciate it once again that I understood where I should see what you wrote this post

très beau poste merci pour le partage

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Perfect Architectur @adsactly,
Thanks for these valuable posts

shame... how do the patients feel when taking medical weed. The its should be called marijuana, as simple as that.
Anyhow, loved the post, interesting just like the the fort. Thanx again, got me reading the whole post.

this is really incredible .. we really like your talent friends, hopefully one day we can share in one cup of coffee.

What an amazing explanation of the places, would love to be in europe sometime very soon.
Can't miss a single place over there. Preparing my bucket list seeing the beautiful pics and the best of here kind of things

Great travel!
Very interesting place!




You're welcome!

Luxembourg is a beautiful city. Because of this post I really wanna go there!

Wow! Fantastic photos here, thanks for sharing with us.

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Getting a person who takes you to a state of nirvada is the best feeling you can have, just by being with that person you lose the notion of time because you think that it is frozen. Very good post

Very nice @adsactly luxumbourg is a amazing place

It was for this reason why I followed you when I came across your first post as a new steemian. I'm a passionate tourist in making which is why i always every possible best not to miss out in your updates. You make me view the world for free.

haha how weird that you and ana know an old friend.

cool photos from luxembourg. never been to it, only passed by. thank's for letting us be part of the story.

This is very nice post... taste of a short novel! Gr8 pics too. You should come to Spain as well. Sunny days here! Thanks for sharing. Best!

Luxembourg was one of the countries behind the "European Union" idea with the other two Benelux countries, Belgium and Netherlands (Benelux = BElgium, NEtherlands, LUXembourg) - Refreshing photos, especially this one..:

Wow, bro you the fucking best ever on steemit, I really like your posts, <3 keep it up always forward. and please vote my bests I so much need a hand thank you again <3 <3 <3

hello hello friend today I could see your post the fosto are good and expressive, the story is very current, it is good to visit friends and share a different time.
Finally my good friend I invite you to read my post I know you like it, also share with friends and family. Please give me up vote and comment. Remember together we can help each other

Thanks for taking us with you like that! Each picture looks so great!

I was there once while living in Europe. Still regret it as I was there for work only. Now i am back in far east Asia, europe seems way too far

thanks for taking me to that beautiful place :)

If I really want to be successful in this business, will you come back to me

Travelling with something dear is the most joyful experience and such things just make us stronger as individuals but also as couples. Beautiful places and people are refining our characters and we evolve seeing how others are living and we take little things from all this and sparkle up our lives. Sharing beautiful moments with someone, remembering after years those memories is the most beautiful gift we can give to others, but also to ourselves.

Luxemburg is a nice place lot of people visit every year one should visit it and experience it

The family is talking about moving to Italy and if that happens I would have to wander around like this throughout Europe. After seeing these I hope it all comes together and we make the journey.....

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Very nice pics. The culture there looks very different from my home country which is the good ole USA! You should come out here one time and hang out if you have not. If you have, then that is awesome and you should come on back!

A marijuana that doesn't get one high, seriously.
Maybe I need that. Lol 😂 😂.
Great travel work, 👏 👏 👏 👏.

great photos..seems like you have been enjoying europe lately..and i didnt know that marijuana was openly sold in europe

Many times we feel the need to abandon, at least for a certain time, those jobs that pressure us to our lives and that often separate us from the family and the enjoyment of life itself. As you say, it seems that sometimes it is necessary to change a bit of direction and explore new experiences, like this one of knowing Luxembourg. It was a splendid idea. Maybe, at some point I can make a similar decision. I liked your post and your travel description. Greetings

Wow... Your article is just so amazing...

U just wrote an article on something similar to yours.

Please check it out and correct me where needed.

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An interesting comment, but it is more profitable to start a new day every day;)

An interesting comment, but it is more profitable to start a new day every day ;)

The long journey is also tiring, but get good results, that is fun and happiness. Let me follow your trail. I hope the confirmation from you.

I went to Europe two years ago! It was the best time of my life! Thanks for sharing!

Good Post 👍👍👍

the world is so wide, reading your post while imagining being there with my beloved wife is fun, I plan to visit some small town in my country with my wife and baby later.

Nice experiences!
Great travels

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I have learned that luxembourg has the largest per capita income in the world, what do you know about that?

very impression your post, I really like, I want to like you what is its secret?

if you wish please visit my blog, i need your support .thank you

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Most of the Europe has an innate beauty which feels very orderly and well orchestrated, even the nature and woods.

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Muy interesante. Felicitaciones


Muchas gracias.