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This Week's Adoptees

Every week, we will choose one or two Freewriters that applied to be adopted by the Freewrite House. We will hand out two 50% upvotes per day and resteem one post per day for 7 days!

Here is the #AdoptMe! post

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Meet The Redfish of the Week

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This week, we can only support one Freewrite House kid since we already committed 2 upvotes to the very worthy fundraiser @jk6276 is running to support the Australian Farmers whose animals are suffering from the drought. You can still enter the raffle here

We chose @wonderwop as our first Redfish kid for the following reasons

  • He writes a Freewrite every day
  • All his posts are original material
  • He is the # 1 supporter of the Freewrite House - if you go through our posts, you will see a comment by Bruni on every single one!
  • He is very supportive of the other freewriters as well.

Yay @wonderwop!!!!

Just to be clear, we will visit your profile every day for that week and make sure that all is on the up and up. We believe in a spam free Steem platform and do not like plagiarism. If you use photos that are not your own - make sure to cite them correctly. And if they are your own, tell us that too.

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Aunties and Uncles

We all know that a big family can be a good thing. We are lucky to have already so many supporters that want to see the Freewrite Community grow and excel!

@deirdyweirdy will also support the Redfish of the week with votes and @blacklux, who got all of this started, is helping out a bit too.

If you don't have a vote to give, you still can be a relative by simply resteeming one post of our little fish per day. Let me know in the comments or dm me on discord mariannewest#6102 if you to be an auntie, uncle or cousin. I will mention you in the next announcement post.

Happy Freewriting, you all. If you weren't chosen for this week, apply again. Your turn will come...

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Join us at the Isle of Write in the freewriter - retreat

art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics

Join the Freewrite daily prompt


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Yaaaay! Auntie Luz will show your adopted steemian some love! 😊


Thank you so much!!! You are the best!!!!


Love ya! 😘

OMG, I can't believe that I've been adopted by the @freewritehouse. I'm with my brother at his treatments today, but as soon as I get home, I'll be creating a couple of great posts. Love you all. 💓


And we love you. Lots of hugs to your brother!


Thank you, he needs alotta hugs right now. 🙏


Congrats!! I'll be your auntie this week! 😀


Thank you for sharing this great idea with our @freewritehouse.

And I have joined the curation trail, so @wonderwop will be getting a vote from me, too!


Thank you @improv you are too generous. 🙏

What an awesome initiative!

Congratulations @wonderwop!!!

Oh, I am off to give @wonderwop some love

Mil felicitaciones @wonderwop... segura estoy que será una semana llena de emociones. Abrazos para ti y tu hermano, que todo esté bien.