FREEDOM ROAD Episode 2 [on the #TaxationIsTheft Tour with Adam Kokesh] — Steemit

FREEDOM ROAD Episode 2 [on the #TaxationIsTheft Tour with Adam Kokesh]

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In Episode 2 of the #travel #documentary FREEDOM ROAD, the #TaxationIsTheft Tour goes to San Francisco! The guys explore a scary 100-year-old fire station and soak up the scenery and culture of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley! The farther north in California you go, the more staggeringly beautiful are the mountains.

Subscribe and stay tuned for Episode 3 next Thursday, December 14. See you on #Route66!

If you want to see the next episode a day earlier, follow me at ; the next episode will always be on my page before it's on Steemit. The original plan was to make this show available only on Dtube, but Dtube's platform has been far too buggy and unreliable.

Missed the first episode? Catch it here:

Follow me on Instagram @mr_zach_foster for additional previews, clips, and updates!

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Bummer about dtube, sure hope they get it running smoothly.
Is there going to be an Idaho episode? lol!


Absolutely. We got some GREAT footage from our Idaho events.

Are you in norcal now? I would totally buy you lunch.


Blast. If I was a day wife has been a fan of the man for years. Years!