Crypto Assets Price Prediction Using AI and Data from Santiment: Buy or Hold or Exit

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Last Analysis

Last analysis was done and posted on 9th May 2019.
Crypto Assets Price Prediction Using AI : Buy or Hold or Exit

In that analysis - The BTC and ETH both were evaluated to be fair valued. It was recommended to stay long.

Current Analysis

I have come up with a different methodology now. The details for the methodology are given below. The below results are using the latest methodology:

Modeled Price for BTC (10617) is higher than Actual Price for BTC (8178)
-> BTC is undervalued
-> Current Signal is Exit which came on 19th August 2019.

Modeled Price for ETH(175.39) is lower than actual price for ETH (182.64)
-> ETH is slighly overvalued
-> Current Signal is Long which came on 1st October 2019.

Other relevant analysis by me

Recently I did additional analysis using different approaches and same are listed below:
Buy Signal Continues : Prediction Working
We are now in Bull Market: Death cross will be overcome soon
Bitcoin Price Prediction : Can Go down to 2000 by Dec'19 before moving upto 200000 by Dec'23

Other important analysis by others

Modeling Bitcoin's Value with Scarcity


For long term investor - the bull has started based on all the analysis. BTC is significantly undervalued and ETH is more or less fairly valued. The tether supply is almost constant for a month. Short term there may be minor moves downwards if tether supply does not move up. However, long term market is in upward move.

Methodology for Analysis

ShilazTech and Santiment did a joint research for 4 months to understand the crypto economic patterns using blockchain data. The results of the study are published in UNDERSTANDING CRYPTO ECONOMIC CYCLES USING BLOCKCHAIN DATA FROM SANTIMENT. The approach#5 from the study is used in current analysis.

Keep steeming.

Note - it is merely an analysis out of my interest. I take no responsibility for any loss anybody incurs as a result of following it.

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