Monetize Your Social Media Channels with ActnEarn SMT : Action # 44

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Vote For STEEM To Get A Free Listing On NETCOINs & Win Oracle-D Upvotes

With the community efforts we are already at number 1. And we have two more days to go to win. So please keep the momentum and let us win this coveted place together. How to do is given in above link.

Objective for our today's post is to again activate our network in support of above campaign.

In addition to below actions - if you vote on netcoins, as described in link above, in support of steem and post verification in reply to this post then we will upvote you with our 100% upvote weight.

Procedures and Rules to Participate

The rules and procedures are laid out in How can you earn rewards with ActnEarn. Please read it carefully, take actions as described, and earn upvote on your comments. SIMPLE!!!

Support us by Delegating SP to ActnEarn

Delegate SPs to @actnearn. To delegate SP to @actnearn you can use this link to enter your username, the amount of SP you want to delegate, and place actnearn as the user you are delegating to.

We thank our delegators for their immense faith in us and their support - @michelios, @mermaidvampire, @jist, @blockcryptochain. Now our SP Weight is 4211. Due to change in plan some of our delegators have undelegated. We hope to win them back as our new plan becomes operational.

What our supporters will get

  • Delegators will receive 10 actnearn SMT tokens per month for each delegated SP when SMTs are launched.
  • We will calculate loyalty and influence index of DOERS from the data till the date SMTs are launched. Participants will be awarded actnearn SMT tokens based on that loyalty score.

How do we expect to grow value of actnearn SMTs

  • Our social influence services can be used by paying in actnearn SMTs
  • Our social influence services can also be used by paying in fiat currency.
  • Earnings from both these sources will be used to grow the value of our SMTs

To know more about the actnearn project pls read our introductory post

Follow us at

Steem Twitter Facebook Linkedin Google+ YouTube Instagram Tumblr

For Support Contact us at our Discord Channel


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11 and half left
steem still holding the first place and verge so close to it we must hold until the end we can win this STEEMIANS


Hey any way to rally the troups any further. we are now behind with one hour to go....
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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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Hey anyway to rally the troops further, we are behind with just one hour to go...

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