Monetize Your Social Media Channels with ActnEarn : Action # 9

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There is an excellent coverage by Economist for Steem blockchain. We believe that it is onto us to increase the visibility of such coverage so that more and more people know how this community is working together for a common goal and they also feel attracted to join Steem. You can help us do that and at the same time earn upvotes from @actnearn.

What you need to do

  • Follow @actnearn
  • Resteem this post
  • Open the links given below in which we have shared this article on our Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts
  • After opening
    1. For Twitter - retweet and retweet with comment. In comment add your steem account, #steem, and #Steem.
    2. For Facebook like and share to your account. While Sharing add your steem account, #steem, and #Steem
    3. For Linkedin like and share to your account. While Sharing add your steem account, #steem, and #Steem
  • Add your Steem account name (like @actnearn) while retweeting with comment or sharing. This is important to filter in genuine participants and make sure that it is you and only you who has shared. No other person can earn upvote for your action.
  • Pls check that
    1. your twitter account handle is shown in retweets of our original tweet
    2. your facebook account handle is shown in shares of our original facebook post
  • share the link of your action with us in comment
  • And yes do follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin

What we will do

  • @actnearn will verify and upvote your comment if account from which you shared has >20 followers/friends/connections
  • Upvoting Steem account will be directly picked from the link that you would share with us in comments
  • for new participants upvoting will be done after 6 days of the action to make sure retweets and shares are not deleted just after the upvote.
  • We will calculate loyalty score of participants from the data till the date SMTs are launched. Participants will be awarded actnearn SMT tokens based on that loyalty score.

Conditions for Upvote

  • Your shares or retweets must be verifibale
  • No more than 1 share per account per media per post will be upvoted
  • Comments only for current post will be upvoted

Links to be retweeted or shared

Twitter link to be retweeted
Facebook link to be shared
Linkedin link to be shared

Follow us at


Support us by Delegating SP to ActnEarn

To delegate SP to @actnearn you can use this link to enter your username, the amount of SP you want to delegate, and place actnearn as the user you are delegating to.

To know more about the actnearn project pls read our introductory post


@actnearn I followed u on all medias and shared ur all post... Concerning my loyalty to your project there should be some bonus for me.. I asked previously about you tube.. But no reply.. If u consider some bounty for me and help me grow than I will surely promote your project on YouTube... Than u will see my followers will follow u... Frankly speaking just sharing is not a good idea as people ignore these shares... It becomes normal these days... They need some video to explain and than act...
Consider my idea... Thanx

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Yes. we appreciate that and thank you for the support. Regarding bonus - we will calculate loyalty index when launching SMTs and extra bonus actnearn tokens will be issued then to reward our loyal doers. Hope that takes care of your concerns.

@actnearn yes that will be great...thanx

Your retweet does not appear in our account. Pls do it correctly next time as described. We have upvoted this time as we see u have done

Your LinkedIn sharing is ok but twitter u just shared our tweet. U did not retweet from yr account. Pls do it correctly next time. Although we have upvoted u even this time.

Thank you for your understanding!

pls retweet also for an upvote

Here is my tweet - - I will check out your intro post. Can you like and follow me as well. Cheers, M

pls do it as done by Vikas goel @goel_9

@actnearn here is facebook shared link[0]=68.ARCMmsMM7NNGykyIpH0bF1TrehkFL4U-WZTNkvbj_FHZBo7_O8az0haEKso1Ty99IThGUnyJ3GcDeW9taIngw0mUInsFmxPX9JZhvgd6-F6kUXhee_KlNp0OcPqbaKoQz5z3K5iT4GOq&tn=-R


your retweet does not appear in our tweeter account. pls check and do it as Vikas goel

@goel_9 did

After upvoting you can check for yourself if your account is added or not in retweets. You have done retweet with comment. Pls just do retweet too

your retweet does not appear in our tweeter account. pls check and do it as Vikas goel

@goel_9 did

Pls recheck linkedin sharing. In our link it does not show shared by u.

please check again. It is there on top of my profile..mean time I will share again

it is but it does not show that you shared from our link

@actnearn here is linkedin shared link through ur profile

here is a link for sharing directly by me

please note both looks same...on linkedin it wont show difference. check again both links shared now...

@actnearn here is my facebook share

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I am loosing interest on Steemit

You got a 13.16% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @actnearn!

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i followed you in all four social media platforms


no action. pls participate as described

I have done all your tasks. Can't find the link of my actions since I used the app of the social mediums so please like me back and follow me on steem

Sorry. Without proof we can not upvote.

You have recieved a free upvote from minnowpond, Send 0.1 -> 10 SBD with your post url as the memo to recieve an upvote from up to 100 accounts!

Nice amazing work friends

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good very nice

It is very good that you share this type of topics ... can you keep sharing more about this?

Pls read our intro post. Link is given in the post itself.

excelente post amigo.... !

Your post is really a very important and well posted here.Yes, a lot of true steel things have been published outdoors, and you have mentioned in your post about this post.

Initially I thought it was some new coin @actnearn...saw the link , thumbs up for the effort !!

we appreciate your encouraging gesture

Help me out
Am new here

Help me out

Very good procedure should be more easy (or short)....
The link with other social networks should not be mandatory or necesary...
Just suggeting
Good initiative

we have only 1 mn users on steem. Use and value of steem blockchain will increase only when we can recruit more users and that can only be done when we reach out there. that is the reason to link it outside steem ecosystem

Ok....I understand...Thank you very much!
I hope you reach your goals!

I'll try follow your instructions....However I just use some of the main social networks

Unfortunately I don't have a Twitter or LinkdIn account..

u can share at facebook

Ok I've completed the task..

pls drop the link to verify

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Link does not work

@actnearn I am still waiting for upvotes on my shared links for 2 posts..
one is for action#8 and other one os for summary of action foor week 1....3 upvotes on each posts....please check.....kindly do the needful...thanx

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