Monetize Your Social Media Channels with ActnEarn : Action # 6

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We believe visibility of @sandbox activity need to be increased outside steem platform so that more and more people know how this community is working together for a common goal and they also feel attracted to join Steem. You can help us do that and at the same time earn upvotes from @actnearn.

What you need to do

  • Follow @actnearn
  • resteem this post
  • Open the link given below
  • Share it to your account on twitter or facebook or linkedin or any other social media platform
  • Tag it to #steem & #Steem while sharing
  • Then share the link of your shared link with us in comment

What we will do

  • @actnearn will upvote your comment if
    • Account from which you shared has >20 followers/friends/connections

Link to be shared

Official Launch of the Sndbox Blog [An Educational + Exploratory Steem Journal]

Follow us at


Support us by Delegating SP to ActnEarn

To delegate SP to @actnearn you can use this link to enter your username, the amount of SP you want to delegate, and place actnearn as the user you are delegating to.

To know more about the actnearn project pls read our introductory post

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@actnearn here is a twitter link

I strongly believe your idea of promoting on social media will succeed and slowly slowly many more will start following...

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