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Biggest asset online that we all create is search data. And Google controls 70% of search engine market. We do all the work by searching through the crap and helping tag what is useful and what is not. But all the rewards are kept by Google.

Presearch is now launched that pays you to search. So switch over immediately from all search engines to presearch and start earning.

Our objective for this post today is to increase awareness about presearch.

Procedures and Rules to Participate

The rules and procedures are laid out in How can you earn rewards with ActnEarn. Please read it carefully, take actions as described, and earn upvote on your comments. SIMPLE!!!

Support us by Delegating SP to ActnEarn

Delegate SPs to @actnearn. To delegate SP to @actnearn you can use this link to enter your username, the amount of SP you want to delegate, and place actnearn as the user you are delegating to.

We thank our delegators for their immense faith in us and their support - @pandit, @renutyagi , @tumbaktu, @michelios, @mahimas, @jist, @blockcryptochain. Now our SP Weight is 34,930.

What our supporters will get

  • Delegators will receive 10 actnearn SMT tokens per month for each delegated SP when SMTs are launched.
  • We will calculate loyalty and influence index of DOERS from the data till the date SMTs are launched. Participants will be awarded actnearn SMT tokens based on that loyalty score.

How do we expect to grow value of actnearn SMTs

  • Our social influence services can be used by paying in actnearn SMTs
  • Our social influence services can also be used by paying in fiat currency.
  • Earnings from both these sources will be used to grow the value of our SMTs

To know more about the actnearn project pls read our introductory post

Follow us at

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For Support Contact us at our Discord Channel


How to use our services

  1. Plsease note we do not promote your content on steem platform but outside steem platform.
  2. Send 13 steem to @actnearn
  3. Put link of the content that you wish to promote in memo like "@actnearn Please Promote - actual link"
  4. Link must contain one image or gif or video
  5. We will review your promotion request and if it is not NSFW then next day we will promote your content through our network of influencers

How good is the deal for you

  1. We distribute 26 Steem per day as rewards through upvotes to our influencers and you pay only 50% of that
  2. Our Influencers effective followers are 100K plus
  3. Our effective engagement rate for our influencer's network is 0.6 as measured by SKORR. And it is 12 times more than of Famous celebrity Shakira (0.05) and at par with Ronaldo's (0.48).
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Kindly check previous post. I did tasks exactly 2 minutes before posting this act because of which it got missed

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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Question Does @actearn sell the data they collect? if they do is it sold for Fiat money or crypto?

Its kinda like paying someone in valueless coins for somethig you recieve value in.

Folks have to rely on the market to be profitable whilst tje company collects REAL cash. how does enriching you enrich the user? The coins could easily be worthless while you rake in the big bucks.

How do you avoid this dilemma?


As of now we are not earning anything. However, We are paying out our influencers from our upvotes

Going forward , when we generate revenue which is expected post launch of SMT, then that revenue will be used to buy back the sold tokens. That would benefit both - investors as well as our token earnings influencers.

Hope it explains yr dilemma

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