5G Call To Action Community Summit: March 10th, 2018

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The light and the dark are gaining momentum. Where we put our focused energy and act as an awake community, we will make all the difference in the future world.

It would be lovely to think that team dark has been defeated and we have no more anti-life agendas manipulating our present or future. It has been so long that the power elite deep state, Illuminati, dark overlords, call them what you will, have tipped our outcomes to serve their greed and insatiable addiction to power. So many of us know that we came here to turn this around, that we are done being robotic slaves servicing a system that does not have our interest at heart. We have been awakening to these horrific impositions for many years now. Many of us are now done being causalities of these heartless predatory dominators.

So in the spirit of human freedom sovereignty and sanity, we are launching our 5G Call to Action Community Summit.
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Register here.
This coming Saturday March 10th. Join us.

I hear you often feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. We are being pushed by false flags to fuel us to take sides. Endless political theatre prods us to stand against one another for our supposed rights and freedoms. Threats abound triggering us to operate from primitive reptilian survival brain programs that keep us in self-serving separation, by design.

We here at Rise Multiversity know our basic human rights and freedoms have been denied us long ago. But the masses don’t know still. The information they get through the filter of survival programming keeps them in the dark. Millions still are buying the lie. The controllers are counting on us to give up, fall on our sofas and watch their media entrainment programming to numb the stress. To wiped out toxic or drugged, too beaten down too busy just keeping food on the table. Those of us working on ourselves need to realize we are the only ones that have enough awareness and balance to lead the movement to save humanity from this next level of imposition. The powers that have controlled us are fighting the final battle, working diligently behind the scenes on their next level to finally lock us down totally.

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They are rolling out their 5G smart grid technology and if we permit it by our inaction, 1984 on steroids will be our reality.

Robert Aakerman 

Look around you. It's here. Filling our cities are millions of people staring at their smartphones in hypnotic trances of sedation. Humanity is getting bleed of its organic connection, staring into devices with zero human connection. It's a common reality everywhere. The transhuman agenda is already in stages of advanced roll out. If we are naïve enough to believe that we are immune from this level of takedown we are once again not paying attention.

This is a deep topic. We need to become informed and aware of the reality being implemented covertly and right before our eyes. We need to understand the truth of the 5G grid, its serious health hazards, and its ability to lock us down, melding us with technology that creates massive brain and body damage.

This will be a 2 hour live event.

Tell your friends. Come and let your presence be your vote. We will get informed about the reality of this imposition and create one clear action step we can do locally and/or globally to make sure this 5G smart grid A.I. does not gain the traction it needs for global implementation.

We will provide follow up group support and other Summits throughout this year to build momentum. Let us believe in ourselves finally and know we can, aligning with this call from our Sacred Planet. More details: facebook.com/5GCallToActionCommunitySummit

~ Sienna Lea (@sienna-lea)


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Thank you. Please join us on Saturday :)

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The light and the dark are gaining moment.

Momentum* . @risemultiversity


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