My Actifit Report Card: мая 5 2019

in actifit •  7 months ago 

Trying out Actifit app, managed to get more than 1000 points :) mostly moving around the office and walking outside

Moving Around Office, Walking

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Nice! Great count for the first time! ;) But remember that you need at least 5000 activity count to get AFIT tokens and an upvote from @actifit
p.s. I'm Tadas from Scorum :)

Hello @yefet. I can see you are using Actifit for the first time. That's great and i'm very glad to welcome you to the midst of Actifitters. Your test run count of 1k on Actifit today isn't a bad count. It's a great effort. However, there are some things I would like to explain about Actifit to keep you intact with the proper use of the app.

Actifit rewards step counts from 5,000 and above. Any step count below 5k wouldnt be eligible for Actifit reward.
To have better vote and more afit reward, it is adviseable to write good content of your daily activities with nice images. This will attract more reward for you on the platform. You can also delegate to get a better rank and increased reward. Your Afit token can also be exchanged for steem up vote if you wish. There is a lot more about Actifit. Just keep staying fit and keep posting your report to the blockchain. Once again, welcome to Actifit. I wish you well in good health and wealth. Thanks for joining us. One love.

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