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[Blog #34] Sunny Sunday | Photography | 30 km MTB

in actifit •  9 months ago 

Your photography skills are coming along nicely! Depth of field can be tricky. It can be affected by a lot of factors. The main ones being your aperture, the distance you are from the subject and if you are 'zoomed' in at all. Many lens won't allow for as low of an aperture if you are zoomed in. And some lenses allow you to get lower apertures than others. You have probably already read all about it though. It looks like you are getting the hang of it pretty well.

I can't wait to see how your blog evolves as you develop your camera skills. You're gonna be unstoppable!

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Wow, that's a lot of support right there @veckinon!

It is indeed quite overwelming all that info, but practice will tell. The most exciting thing is that once we learn something new, after a while it feels so natural and we can see the results coming.

Let's hope that this Steemit blogs really happens so I'll be able to cross the US and stop for a visit.