My Actifit Report Card: November 19 2019 From Union Square to the office

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From Union Square to the office

This morning on the train ride into the city it was raining but it stopped just before I got to the city and the temp was reasonable at 39F ( about 4C ) so I decided it a a good day for a morning walk, so I caught the subway and went to 1th Street Union Square and decided to walk from there to the office, I am always more motivated when I get to the office if I can get a walkin before hand so it was a good start to the day, a rather uneventful day in the office, with me now having officially given notice to retire it seems less work may come my way, so I may find the days seem longer or I will have to take more telecommute days over my last 3 and a bit months LOL.
By lunchtime the sun was out so I went for a little walk both before and after lunch and got an OK step count in for today

Its a shame the Flat Iron Building is covered up at the moment but I am sure the work needs to be done and it will look refreshed when done, here is a shot from earlier in the year showing some of the cool detail

1 1 Flat Iron.jpg

Sony A7iii 163mm F8 1/320 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

At lunch time I walked around Times square quickly for a shot I had missed the other day and a few others, this shot is not from today but the previous visit

1 1 Times Square.jpg

Sony A7iii 17mm F4 1/125 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

Going there at midday reminded me why I hate going there at that time it was fairly busy but the hawkers were out in full force trying to get money out of tourists, the ones dressed up in costumes try to pose for a photo for you, for money, of course, can be so pushy

And a Shot actually from today, I took a similar shot with my cell phone which you can see later in the post,

1 1 flat iron2.jpg

Sony A7iii 36mm F5 1/60 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

and I hate to say it but I may even prefer the shot with my cell phone lOL, maybe because it is in Mono, I have time before posting so let me try another version

1 1 flat iron m.jpg

Sony A7iii 36mm F5 1/60 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

OK I like this version better what do you think?

Some shots with my iPhone on this mornings walk

As I mentioned above I started my walk when I got off the subway in Union Square, and I saw they have the holiday Market setup, it wasn't open when I was there, not sure if it is open officially yet or not but t looks like a big market with lots of stalls


iPhone 11 Pro
Click here to view larger

The Market wast open but this mobile Cardio vascular test centre was opening up as I passed it, first time I have seen this, I do have a Follow up with my Vascular Dr in a couple of weeks so I will wait and do it then not use this truck


iPhone 11 Pro
Click here to view larger

In Union Square Park they have this statue of Ghandi, which I had to get a shot of


iPhone 11 Pro
Click here to view larger

And another thing I seem to always get a shot of when in this area is this building and feature, the feature with the hand at the top is an art piece called the Metronome and was installed in 1999.

The Numbers you can see beside it are a piece called the passage, it shows the time in 24 Hour Format with the seven left digits and the seven digits on the right show the amount of time remaining in the day in tenths of a second.
Which also shows why the market wasn’t open with it being just 7AM when I was there


iPhone 11 Pro
Click here to view larger

Speaking of time another shot I cannot resist when in this area, the 5th Ave clock with the FlatIron building in the background, this shot withthe grey moody sky called out for me to be done in Mono


iPhone 11 Pro
Click here to view larger

And a splash of color with this temporary feature near Union Square called Ziggy by Hou De Sousa, I think it looked pretty cool at this time of day but i imagine it must stand out even more at night when it gets dark


iPhone 11/Pro
Click here to view larger

And finishing off with another Mono shot as I was walking back to 46th Street and my office I passed this corner where you could see the low clouds around the top of the EmpireState Building.


iPhone 11/Pro
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 40.742621 lat -73.989227 long Flatiron Building NYC d3scr

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Been decades since I've been around there. Miss it.

In Lak'ech, Jaichai

It is such a cool area for a walk always lots to see

Wow, there are quite a few very nice photos in this post, and because I have never been to NYC they are all interesting. I do know that Flat Iron Building and I like the Mono version with the colored clock - looks cool :)
Gandhi looks happy, but also lonely amidst the shrubs and weeds.


I think the placement of the Gandhi statue is very apt for him, and I do love that area

have a not to !DERANGED day and cheers and !BEER

I have already written some replies about our weather - I had a busy day at work and the weather is the same - it's busy raining ;)
Yes, of course the place might be nice, because you see more than I do - I see the old man Gandhi looking down on the weeds, and his expression looks somehow a bit sad and lonely to me, but his slightly smile makes me believe that he is also happy.
I think, this depressing weather outside makes me really !DERANGED 🙄

Cheers and !BEER 😉

And I replied about mine as for Ghandi he had the weight of the nation o his shoulders for a lot of his life so that look can be fitting perhaps, or does that sound !DERANGED


Oh no, that doesn't sound !DERANGED - he was a great man and his gentle look with a small smile is how we all know him 🙂


Phew good to know I am starting the day not !DERANGED and with a !BEER

lol no, it's all good, nothing and nobody is !DERANGED and there's no need for a !BEER ;)

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Amazing photo of flat iron maybe spidey are over there hehhe

Posted using Partiko iOS

I have been there many times but never seen Spidey LOL

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Loved reading this post, @tattooedjay. So many great scenes from NYC. I really like that first monochrome! And the amazing statue of Ghandi. I hope Steem starts a nice steady climb by the time you retire. Wouldn’t that be great?

Thanks and yes that would be a nice bonus for sure, I thought it was starting to rise a few days ago but it seems to have dropped again

I believe it is only a matter of time!

We have to keep hoping :)

So it's official, you are retiring; well good for you! You will have all the time for your family and photography.Finally freedom!

Great shot of course! I remember Time Square but I haven't get the chance to see that flat iron building. That's a good name by the way, lol. Anyway, beautiful building for sure and I love that clock too.

Ohhyes end of Fenuary I am done with this working business, more time for Family, Photography and Steemit ;)
The flatiron is named that as its shape is like the old Iron shape

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@tattoodjay great pics thank you for sharing them.

And thanks for your visit

have a great day

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Knowing full well my feet will never hit the pavements of NYC I thorough enjoy your daily walks through the city.

Detail of buildings, places of interest in concrete jungle, yes walking to work was something I enjoyed many years ago in our cities (Johannesburg and Durban).

First photo of flat iron building with wooden framed windows, intricate architecture along with mono photo today, both stand out reflecting unusual building seen on news and TV, have a wonderful day!

Thanks thats why I started taking photos around NYC I have many friends and family around the world who may never visit here so I share it with them through my lens ;)

have a great day

I like for 2th photo, the colors are very cool. A big hug.

Thanks for your feedback :)

Nice photos. It is amazing the amount of ornate work that they can put into buildings that large. I don't think it will ever cease to amaze me.

It still amazes me even having seen it so many times

So. Great photos of some icons and some 'little known'.

You know why you are getting less work? Simply because you have told your masters that your 'taking shit' days are all over. They need to nurture the newbies and such, but you have taken much of the sting out of their 'command and control' circuit. Good for you!

Just a guy that used to hang around a bunch, but is now around not so much.

Thanks Mate I was wondering how you are doing I hope all is well with you

and yes you could well be right, and no point for them to give me new projects since i am on the way out, even though I always finish most projects in a timeline shorter than that LOL

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