My Actifit Report Card: October 19 2019

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A couple of walks today

In my Morning post, I mentioned I wasn't sure if I would get for a walk with it being pretty cool out this morning, well as it happened I got up at my usual time and saw it was 35F(around 2C) and common sense told me not to go out for a walk, But I have often been known to not be too sensible so at around 7 AM I decided to go for a walk anyways after all by then it had warmed up to 36F LOL. I went to Fort Trumbull beach and walked around there for about 5K steps, then headed home to watch the two World Cup Rugby Quarter Finals today England beat Australia, which I was hoping for and a very good game, then NEw Zealand Beat Ireland quite convincingly so I was a very Happy Camper, I did a few things around the house before, between and after the games, and then decided after lunch I needed another little walk getting my step count for the day to a little over 10K which I am happy with.

Now onto a couple of recent shots of both places and then a few shots taken with my phone from today's walks

Starting with this shot taken a few weeks ago on another walk around the Mondo Pond Trails with all the fresh greens

1 1 Mondo Ponds.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

And a shot taken a week or so ago of a nice sunrise looking at the beach at Forth Trumbull

1 1 Fort trumbull.jpg

Sony A7iii 36mm F9 1/5 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

Shots taken on my walks today

As I mentioned I started off at Fort Trumbull, its was fairly cool but luckily not too much of a breeze and I had just the right amount of layers on that it wasn't too bad, I didn't take to many photos with my camera as I had fingerless gloves on as I always do I hate full gloves so I kept my hands for a lot of the morning walk in my pockets

Here are the colors just before sunrise by the beach.


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger

And looking along the beach


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger

The property owners across fromthe beach also own the property down to the high tide line so a few properties have put up fences with private property signs such as this one


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger

The property that owns that fence also has these stars onthe footpath, which I personally think is a lot cooler than the fence.


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger

And now onto my Second walk around the Mondo Ponds trails, I went there to check out the fall colors which were coming out nicely and took some shots with my camera which I will share when I get around to editing them


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger

This next shot doesn't really give the colors justice


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 41.2118089 lat -73.088984 long Mondo Pond Trails Milford CT d3scr

Daily Activity,House Chores,Photowalking,Walking


On the photos it doesn't look that cold - the path between the trees at the Mondo Ponds trails looks even like a nice and warm morning walk 😉
Wish you a great Sunday 😊

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By the time I walked around Mondo Ponds it had warmed u to 15C and was very pleasant :) I love walking there

You to have a super Sunday

Yes, I have seen other photos from there in your posts. When you see the photos you wouldn't think, that it's a city park 🙂
Have a super Sunday too 🙂

Its a not well know park I have seldom ever bumped into more than 2 or 3 others walking there on my visits so thats another thing I love about it


Good morning JJ :)

I have had a look on Google Maps - it looks nice. You are lucky to be almost alone there, because if there was such a park in our little town, it would be full of people all the time.

On weekdays it may well be busier with a school being adjacent to it and kids running around it on beaks
I hope your week has started well


Busier and probably louder ;)

Good morning JJ, my week has not started well, because I had to go to work ;) lol
We have very nice and warm weather and in about half an hour I end my work day, while yours has just begun ;)


Actually the little car park I used to go to on weekdays now has a sign no parking during school hours so I haven’t seen what its Ike on a school day, otherwise I would have on Wednesday went I went there but respected the rules

Enjoy your evening and the nice weather


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wow amazing photographs of nature @tattoodjay
10k is good number .....

Thanks Kindly and yes I am happy on the days I manage to hit 10K ;)

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you went too many nice place there my friend. Lot of step's and the images are beautiful.

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Thanks it was a good day :)

@tattoodjay your sunrise pictures are beautiful. Florida gave the beachfront to the property owners this year, it used to be to the dune line. Most of the houses are so far from the beach that you can not see them and the dune is at least 10 feet tall.

Where i grew up downunder in NZ, the idea of someone owning a beach was very strange and rare

@tattoodjay It was the same here until last year, the beach always belonged to the people we all shared it and there were never no, no trespassing signs on the dunes, you knew to stay away from peoples yards. Now people get yelled at if they walk by above the high tide line. they are not hurting anything by walking by. maybe I am just to much stuck in the past but I do not understand why they have to be this way.

there are some spots here where people will have a go at you if you walk, but for the most part i avoid that by walking below the high tide line, well except early morning when most are sleeping and its a high tide lOL

Nice to walk amongst beautiful nature.

You walk beautifully. I also woke up early today at 5 o’clock. It's already 6, and it's dark outside and nothing can be seen at all. And you say the beach ... Lol

Its 6AM here now and still dark outside I will head to the beach in about 20 Minutes about a 10 Minute drive tot he beach I plan to go to so I will get there about half an hour before sunrise which is when I like to get there and hope for some color

Cheers and !BEER

Hope you caught the dawn !
Cheers !BEER

Yes I did and glad I did it was a beautiful sunrise ;)

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That first picture looks like paradise too me. Great job getting 10k I did not make it today.😑

Thanks it is such a beautiful spot for walking

I love the reflection of the sunrise in the water (2nd photo).

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Thanks I do love reflections especially natural ones like these

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A very nice start in the day as well as very beautiful pictures and place to walk!

Thanks it was such a good day :)

It is so nice to know that you finally took the best effort to go for a walk, so I did not miss your walk, for me it is a pleasure to be able to enjoy the colors of the dawn of the vegetation of the green of the vegetation and blue of the sky and through your description to imagine all that panarama. For this opportunity the most attractive photo for me was the last one.

Hey @tattoodjay, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

2 degrees cold and I complain about 15 and rain.
those of the lake are the ones I like the most
today I have not walked a rainy and cold sunday haha 14 degrees
happy Sunday

It warmed up to about 15 today here but now it is raining
I should not complain about the cold its only going to get worse


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Thanks appreciated :)

Wow! You got some great colors here bro.
Must be the fact that the NZ win was coursing through your veins hahaha
Congrats my friend.

Thanks and yes that could have been a factor, and South Africa had a good win today, the semi finals should be great, I think the Boks should make the final

Ha, Wales will certainly present a much tougher obstacle, as will England for the All Blacks.
It's gong to be interesting no doubt.

Actually I think Wales was really lucky to get through and didnt play that well, so I think SA should have an easier route to the final,
The England and All Backs game could well go either way and be very close

I didn't see the Wales game, but in a sense I am glad that we don't have to face any of the other two at this stage of the battle. The news here is that SA steamrollered the game instead of playing with finesse. Wales is much stronger than the Japs and I hope that the Boks change their game plan.

The way I saw it they knew Japans strengths and played conservatively for the first half to wear the Japan team down then turned it up inthe second half, and it worked well

Well, I hope the Kiwis have something great planned against the Brits my friend, as I read that England is playing very well.
But of course the Kiwis are masters in the planning stakes!

Ohh yes England payed very well as did the Kiwis to different styles of play so it should make for a very interesting game

Oh wow @tattoodjay, absolutely stunning photography! Just gorgeous

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Thanks I was lucky it was such a lovely morning with nice colors :)

Great job

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Thanks, I was lucky with such nice colors this morning

Looks like a lovely walk... The sunrise scenes at the beach are wonderful of course! Look forward to your camera shots when they come out... :)

Glad you had a good day!

Thanks all in all a good weekend but now back to the grind
Have a great day

I am pretty sad that the weather isn't going to allow outdoor walks pretty soon. Unless we invest in some snow shoes that is. I actually have been toying around with that. Nice shots!

Luckily it doesnt get that bad here that I need snow shoes, but I have to slow down my outdoor walks when the temp gets down to or close to freezing my lungs really do not like the cold

looks like another world but just as gorgeous as mine :))

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