Actifit: Getting Paid In Multiple Ways

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The STEEM blockchain will be a token factory once the SMT protocol is introduced. While that is still a bit down the road, there are some initiatives that are already tacking action.

As anyone who follows my blog know, @actifit is one of those projects. Today, I want to spell out all the different ways there are to get paid with this project.


Delegate SP

This is the first way that one can earn. By delegating SP to their cause, you will receive a 1:1 payout on a daily basis. Hence, 100SP delegation earns you 100 Tokens per day. This will continue until they reach 100K SP delegation at which time the payout diminishes. There are 700K AFIT sent aside per week for this cause (100K per day). Early adopters are the ones who benefit the most.

In addition to the AFIT that are paid for delegation, one will also receive a percentage of the payouts that the @actifit account generates. 5% of the total upvote payout each week on posts made by @actifit are given to those who delegate. It is based upon amount of SP delegated and total rewards, hence changes each week. Nevertheless, it is STEEM on top of getting AFIT.

Delegation can start with as little as 20SP (be sure to maintain about 15SP in your account for bandwidth).

If you do not have SP to delegate, have no fear, there are other ways.

Use the application

Downloading and using the application can earn you up to 100 tokens per day. The minimum is 5K which will net 20 AFIT. From there, the amount of tokens increase for every 1,000 "steps". Please bear in mind that the application tracks movements on the phone or wearable, hence any activity is rewarded.

At present, this is only available on Android products. The IOS version is being developed.

To get paid, one needs to post the activity. This can be done directly from the application by entering one's Steemit username and posting key. Once the @actifit bot comes by, you will be credited for the activity.

Posting your activity

Posting the activity actually earns more than just AFIT tokens. The @actifit account upvotes all posts that reach the minimum 5K "steps". It is a sliding scale up to the 10K mark.

For example, yesterday's upvote for a 10K post was worth $.36.

Actifit Curation Trail

This is a must for everyone in my opinion.

Actifit established a curation trail which allows people to generate tokens by upvoting what @actifit does. This helps one in two ways:

A) normal curation rewards that apply to any curated upvote on the STEEM blockchain.
B) One AFIT token for each upvote (yesterday there were 93 posts upvoted by the @actifit bot)

The advantage to joining the curation trail is that one gets both the STEEM curation and AFIT payouts without doing anything. The upvotes are automatically cast and the tokens paid out in their assigned time periods (ACTI pays out usually within 12 hours on the upvotes). is used to join the curation trail.

This provides 6 different ways to gain tokens between STEEM and AFIT.

Personally, for smaller accounts, this is a great way to start building more power on the STEEM blockchain. Do not forget, any token that uses the SMT protocol will be paired with STEEM. AFIT might be one of those tokens to hang onto but, if someone prefers this blockchains main token, it will be an easy conversion to SP.

Also, while many missed the very early stages of STEEM, entering a project like ACTI at this time means one is an early adopter.

Here is where the project stands now.


At present, only there are less than 6,500 accounts holding these tokens. That number will grow as more people start using the application. The payouts were intentionally designed to reward the early adopters more favorably. Therefore, getting involved early in any of the ways I just mentioned is only to one's advantage.

As this project grows and becomes more widespread, AFIT tokens might appreciate greatly over time.

And besides, what good is all that wealth if you do not have your health. Getting some exercise probably would do most Steemians some good.

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Wow, This is mind blowing. Downloading that app asap

I'm using it for a while now and it's great :)

I have the app but never posted my activity,guess i need to start posting my activity.

The steps are not well schronised though!Some steps are not counted and i have to keep checking if its counting!!!

i bought an android phone for this. I was aware of this a month ago. But I am using ios. Today i bought an android phone and downloaded the app. still learning.

Question: I think i miss to see the link to delegate. I can delegate at least 100SP

can we please have the link to delegate

Hi @elvielins! I have been using the app for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely enjoy it!
Regarding the delegation, the link is here for 100 SP and you can find links for different SP amounts, at the new announcement (at the end of the post):

Hey @elvielins,
Glad to hear you took the extra mile and bought a phone to use our app. This is amazing !
I can also see you're quite active on being healthy and fitness, love that!
For the delegation, as @katerinaramm shared with you the links are available on our posts. For your convenience here's a direct set of links:
Delegate to Actifit 10SP, 20SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP, 10000SP, 50000SP, 100000SP, Custom Amount

Thanks again, hope to see you around on our discord

thank you @mcfarhat. will connect to discord too

Thank you for a great write up!

thank you for sharing the fun technique in quality bersteemit, I give 100% vote I make you as an appreciation for your valuable post. keep creative I am happy with your activity

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I just joined the steemit and found many interesting things here.

Excellent article. I really liked it. Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Мне очень понравилось. Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви

Do you know what the total coin supply will be? Couldn't find it on their website.

its great

Thanks for the heads up pal, I walk a lot at mornings so this comes very handy.

Sweet, a Blockchain for Fitness. Resteemed. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully these SMTs getting going soon. Should be bullish for SP and SBD.