My Actifit Report Card: May 7 2022

in #actifit2 months ago

If it’s over the net, it’s all good Liz!😇
New adventurer’s today……..
What is Pickle Ball Liz?😄
The Mrs has been a product tester for some time now. They sent her products paid for, she gets to try them out, she sends a product review, and gets to keep the products……..All Free!🤗
The latest product was a Pickle Ball set.
With the rain on, then off, we haven’t been able to try out this set.
Today was the day!!!🤗
The dark clouds look ominous in the second photo, I think that was a warning that Silvertop was way out of his league Lol!🤣
Liz didn’t Marry Silvertop for his sports talent Lol!😇
Just his Crypto trading……🥰
The layers started coming off, as I chased this Pickle Ball across the court.
“This is actually fun Honey!”🥰
I think we found another way to get very good @actifit steps, it’s a good workout!😅
With the strong winds picking up, Silvertop found himself outside the tall fenced court several times!🤣
More good steps Liz!!!
With Mother’s Day tomorrow, maybe…….. we might come back and play some more!
We were at the tennis court just down the street from our Church in the town of Sumas. It’s hard to imagine that during the big flood in November this court was under at least four feet of flood water!
Things are returning to normal……..
This court even has a push button on a pole, like a crosswalk button, to turn on very high intensity nighttime lights!☺️
Liz said……………………
“Silvertop DON’T push that button”😳
“Maybe just one time Honey?“………😇
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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It was a ton of fun and played with my favorite person! It brought back memories for me of playing tennis as a teenager with anyone who would play! It turned out to be a beautiful day as well! Thanks for being a good sport, honey! 🤗😘❤️

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