My Actifit Report Card: May 6 2022

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With a misty rain coming down on Sumas Mountain Silvertop started hiking ……..😅
It’s Friday, and I have been wanting to hike to the bottom of “Soaring Eagle” trailhead!😊
This Mountain side is heavily timbered on the upper section, and the bottom was “Clear cut” and the lumber sold……..
You can see the size of the trees in the third photo.
The fourth photo is what a “Clear cut” looks like from across the valley.😮
Silvertop’s friend from silvergoldstackers community @silversaver888 , was asking why the bottom section was so barren………..
Simply for the lumber that you can buy at Home Depot, or any building supply across the country.
When we moved up to the Northwest Silvertop was shocked to see large sections of beautiful Mountain side removed!😳
I have seen the replanting of Forest, and in this environment the trees grow “feet” per year.
Loggers like Westergreen own vast amount of land, and they are good stewards of this renewable resource.
It is amazing how quickly this Forest will grow!
Finally at the the bottom, you can see the progress they are making!😊
Time to start my uphill climb back home. Liz will be home soon, and Silvertop has over three and one half miles to go…….😅
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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I must be burned out from the past 2 weeks! Can I retire please?🙏😁🙏❤️

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