My Actifit Report Card: May 24 2022

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Everyday is a New Adventure!😎
“Hi Mike, that looks just like my weed eater”😁
“Silvertop I just found this out at the street in front of your place Lol!”😇
The weeds are growing very nicely, perhaps our neighbor Mike needs to continue weed eating over to our place Liz Lol!🤣
A new day and another adventure!🤗
The Mrs, Jan, and Silvertop were headed up to the “High Trail” today.
This was our plan…………..
High Trail, to the “Home Trail” that skirts Keith and Lynne’s place……
Then uphill to “Buckhorn loop”, connecting with “Slumbering Bear”……..hopefully Mr Bear IS slumbering. Lol!😳
Then on the trail back downhill, we could stop and check out the excavation progress at Becky and Tim’s off grid cabin!
It looks like a Tiny House will be set on the gravel pad you see in the fourth photo.🤔
As we hiked up to the ridge top, Liz’s cell phone rang…………
Hmmm it was our youngest son………..
Looks like he and his Wife have Covid!😳
His Wife worse than him!
Liz told them to get some rest and get better soon!🥰
I guess we are not out of the woods with Covid yet…………
Stay healthy everyone, and enjoy the outdoors when you can!😎
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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I, unfortunately think, that covid is here to stay. I believe it will become the next 'flu', if you will. Always something I suppose, but the day turned into a very nice day for a hike. Ironically, just as we finished, I heard rain on the skylight. Perfect timing! 🤗😘❤️

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