My Actifit Report Card: May 23 2022

in #actifitlast month

Are you feeling your Muscles!😊
Muscle cars…… this is a 1969 Camaro Super Sport!
Silvertop spotted this classic Muscle car in town and asked the owner if I could snap a photo!
“Go for it Silvertop, take all the photos you want!”👍
This exact model was my first car………
My first commuter, and later Silvertop’s“ Hot- Rod”!
Just before Liz….🥰😇
Engine built up, and raced on the weekends at the local drag strip!
Fun times, and I learned a lot about high horse powered engines first hand!💪
Now days I am feeling my muscles hiking, working on the house, and the never ending yard work Lol!😅
Liz was gardening today, so I pulled out the push mower to mow the hard to get to spots.
Then at 2:06 PM I put on my Bluetooth headphones, and proceeded to weed eat around the edges of the yard.
Lol, my Fitbit watch tracks my steps extremely well, and now it is trying to determine exactly what my exercise is……………..🤔
Check out the second to last photo/ screen shot.
Fitbit is telling me I spent 27 minutes, burned 188 calories, with an average heart beat of 92 bpm , “outdoor biking” this afternoon Lol!🤣
Hmmm……….somehow weed eating simulated biking!😇
“Go for a hike Liz?”🥰
Day two of Summer, the fires have stopped in our wood stove, simply beautiful outside!
Days in the 70’s ……..
A good friend and neighbor in Colorado once said to me……………
“We endure the Winter, and Enjoy the Summer” !😎
It’s time to enjoy!!!!!!
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Even with the rain in the beginning, and the cloudy skies in the middle, it was a beautiful day! I imagine I will once again, find muscles I didn't know existed! Ah, the joys of gardening! 🤗😘

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