My Actifit Report Card: May 21 2022

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“Can you hear me now!”😊
This is a new toy Silvertop can enjoy!🤗
Check out the second photo!!!!
These are noise canceling headphones, that Silvertop can wear while I am on my riding lawnmower!
These are awesome, I can listen to “The Music playing in my head” all day long with these, and…….talk to Liz on my connected iPhone….Nice!🤗
Check out @elizabethbit post for more features on these headphones and……….
@actifit-lamb had more relatives knock on our front door…..Oh My!😳
Liz brought them hiking, they need to take off a few pounds!😇
The bugs must think it Springtime, they are out in full force!😬
The last photo is Bear Hollow, it is a haven for bugs! It actually looks like they are eating the Stinging Nettles, they can continue, that’s a good thing!
Pure sunshine today, we hiked past the “High Trail”, then down into “Bear Hollow”…..bugs everywhere!!!!!😳
I was hoping that when we crossed over the ridge top and dropped down into the valley of “Soaring Eagle”, the bugs would lessen.
Several hundred feet down “Soaring Eagle” the air being much drier, the Stinging Nettles were absent as well, and the bugs were gone!🤗
This side of Sumas Mountain, is a wintertime wind swept ridge!
The other side, the western side of the Mountain, picks so the moist Ocean air!
Thick Winter clouds pileup against the Western side of the Mountain.
“Looks like this is THE place to hike when the bugs are out Liz”🥰
Soon it was time to climb back uphill. Time to head home through the Stinging Nettles forest of bugs, and post this @actifit report, and unwind for the evening with Liz…🥰
Take care everyone, till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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It was a beautiful day for a hike and I really needed it! (so did @actifit-lamb-she's all stressed out over all of the new family that has arrived on our doorstep. She's worried about where she's going to get enough income to be able to help supply food for them all!). I've told her not to worry; she's a smart little investing lamb and is on the right track!

Anyway, we did have fun today! Thanks honey! 🤗😘❤️

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