My Actifit Report Card: May 11 2022

in #actifit2 months ago

Hmmm…….. I need a recharge!😳
You know that feeling when you turn the key to your truck, and it doesn’t even click!………..😮
Time for a recharge!
With my Dodge plugged into the battery charger, I took a deep breath and pulled the starter rope on the push mower.
It’s yard work time!
This time of year the yard is filled with the beautiful red color of my several Japanese Maples in peak color!😊
Liz was on her cell phone calling…………….
“Silvertop everything’s RED!”
What a difference between today’s different shades of red, outdoors versus the markets!
Stocks down, Crypto down, precious metals on sale!😇
I filled up the gas tank on the push mower a second time……… Over $5.00 a gallon of gas to mow the yard!
Well Silvertop is getting good @actifit steps today Lol!😅
I took an afternoon lunch and Latte break and started typing this post.
Disclaimer here folks LOL “no financial advice!”😇
That said, this isn’t Silvertop’s first rodeo, over four years on the blockchain, and a bit more into Crypto.
Dozens of up and down cycles!
DeFi ……. So very exciting!!
NFT’s…….. Amazing !!!
Smart Contract’s……….. institutional investors, just to name drop a few of the new developments that will propel Crypto!😊
Let’s not forget what is near and dear to Silvertop check out this development on we are on the Binance Smart Chain!😊
We are growing!🤗
So …………keep getting your steps when you hit that wall, and wonder if you are improving your health, Silvertop is !😊
Now back to good healthy yard work steps, and stacking a few more sats!
Fire sale everyone!😇🤗😊
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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You know, hummingbirds like red! (couldn't find a hummingbird moji, so used a bee, lol) 🐝😘❤️🤗

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