My Actifit Report Card: September 5 2018

in actifit •  2 months ago

Holy cow 19k today! I am really surprised by that number because I didn't take my daily walk or run this morning. All my activity came from me basically being a lumberjack today. LoL. I cut down 3 huge trees in my back yard and then cut in to small pieces and dragged them to a burn pile. I worked on it nearly 4 hours and I only got two of the trees cleaned up before it got to hot and called it a day..

Found this cool looking bug in my yard, I thought it was a bee at first but after I took a closer look I realized I was wrong.. If anyone knows what it is let me know, Thanks.😎✌

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I really don't know, I got within a few inches and it didn't move and there was no stinger so I don't think so but I didn't stick around long enough to find out! LoL.


Well, I think it would not be worth checking.

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