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Hi Leute,
Sorry ich war ein wenig abwesend. Zu viel gutes Wetter und zu wenig Zeit!

Aufjedenfall waren ich und @actift Peter heute beim run dabei. Die Startzeit war um 11:00 aber durch einen Noteinsatz auf der Strecke ging es dann erst um 11:30 los. Es war so brüllend heiss 🙈🙈

Das war der Eindruck vor dem run 😊

Hier bin ich dann bei Minute 59 durch das Ziel gelaufen. Ich muss sagen das ich froh bin dass ich mein Ziel erreicht habe, welches war unter einer Stunde. Wenn es nicht so heiss gewesen wäre hätte ich vielleicht noch 1-2 minütchen rausholen können.

Im Ziel habe ich dann @actifit-Peter getroffen. Wir haben es beide geschafft! Ich bin sehr stolz auf ihn, da er ja auch erst vor 1 Monat mit dem Training begonnen hat💪🏼🙌🏼

Wir beide nach dem Lauf mit @actifit-Peter!

Am Abend war ich dann noch bei RedBull mash im Olympiapark und habe mir bmxer angesehen wie sie Tricks machen.

Ps: @freiheit50 hat uns angefeuert! Vielen Dank dafür, ich habe dich auf der Strecke gesehen 😊

Vielen Dank für euren Support Leute und schaut auch bei @actifit-Peter vorbei er hat sich die upvotes verdient! Tolle Leistung nochmal!

Hi, guys,
Sorry I was a little absent. Too much good weather and too little time!

Anyway me and @actift Peter were at the run today. The start time was at 11:00 but due to an emergency on the track it started at 11:30. It was so roaring hot 🙈🙈

That was the impression before the run 😊

Here I crossed the finish line at minute 59. I have to say that I am glad that I reached my goal, which was under one hour. If it hadn't been so hot I might have been able to get 1-2 minutes out.

At the finish I met @actifit-Peter. We both made it! I am very proud of him, because he only started training 1 month ago hat💪🏼🙌🏼

You and me after the run with @actifit-Peter!

In the evening I was at RedBull mash in the Olympiapark and watched bmxer doing tricks.

Ps: @freiheit50 has cheered us on! Thanks a lot for that, I saw you on the track 😊

Many thanks for your support people and also check out @actifit-Peter he has earned the upvotes! Great performance once again!



Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Bei dieser Hitze ist eine Zielzeit unter einer Stunde eine tolle Leistung!!
Ich freue mich sehr, dass du mich entdeckt hast. Mir hat es viel Spaß gemacht, all die Läufer und Läuferinnen anzufeuern.

Danke dir :) es war extrem heiß und ab Kilomter 5 ist mir schon die Puste ausgegangen o.O Ich denke ich hätte eventuell 55 min schaffen können. Naja ich habe mein Ziel erreicht :) Ich fand es super das du da warst :P

Hi @mcnestler

I hope you won't mind this post (it's not really related in any way to your current publication).

I've been just wondering if you joined PALnet airdrop (PALnet is a token build on Steem-engine).

If you didn't claim it then perhaps I could ask you for small favour. Would you consider claiming your tokens and selling or delegating it to me for few months? I would obviously pay you some STEEM for those tokens (I can even pay for delegation - I want to invest some time and money into that platform).

How to claim your token?

a) login in http://palnet.io/ (it's build on STEEM blockchain, so you will use same login details)
b) login in steem-engine.com
c) claim your tokens -> to do that you need to open steem-engine.com and go to "wallet". In left-top corner you will have PALnet (blue colour) logo. Click on it and claim your PAL tokens.
d) go to your palnet wallet and either transfer your PAL tokens to crypto.piotr or STAKE it and delegate to me (click STAKE and then "advanced" and simply type in my username).

Amount of received tokens depend mostly on your current level of SP (I'm not sure if delegations are being taken into consideration as well).

So based on my current experience, if you have 200 STEEM POWER then you should be able to receive something around 100-150 PALnet tokens.
I would pay you 10 STEEM for purchasing each 100 of those PAL tokens. So basically you can earn something and help me grow on this particular platform, making both of us happy :) Plus you would sell/delegate those tokens without bringing down their current price (you won't need to dump them on exchange).

You would earn some extra STEEM and I would have higher STAKE in this platform.

I've only 500 STEEM I can spent on that purpose (plus airdrop will not last forwer) so HURRY UP :) :)


HI, @crypto.piotr thank you for your message. I am really sorry but from an economical perspective, this deal is not interesting. I hope you do not get mad if I decline your offer and I also want to point out that I am always there to help :) I hope you can manage to exchange your 500 steem very soon :) Unfortunaly, I already staked them and try to earn some aswell :)
Great to hear from you buddy!

Hi again @mcnestler

Thank you for your prompt reply. Appreciate.

Well, I'm fully aware of that fact. Obviously I don't think that many people would like to make that deal with me and also I'm not really willing to invest in PAL paying current official prize.

So I'm mostly actually hoping to be able to "rent" some PAL tokens as delegation.

Anyway ...

I also wanted to make some suggestion.

My impression is, that the hardest part of attracting attention on STEEMIT is the fact, that our audience have very little chance to actually find our publications. Lack of solid notification system is an obvious issue. And regardless how hard I would try - there is very little chance I would find out about your new interesting publications (my feed is just flooded with to many posts).

Please allow me to share some suggestion with you. If you would ever publish content related to blockchain, crypto, artificial intelligence, psychology etc. then perhaps you could simply send me memo with link to that post.

This way not only I would have a chance to read your publication, but I will also upvote it right away with 20k SP voting power. If I would consider it interesting then I may also share it with wider audience.

Please let me know what do you think. This surely should sound like a interesting offer :))

Cheers, Piotr

Hi @crypto.piotr,
thank you for you prompt reply aswell :) I see what you are saying and I also hope that you grow as much as you do in Steem.

To your suggestions:
I appreciate your offer and I am happy that I can share memos with you. In the moment I am not really able to do interesting publications about your field of interest because I am rather busy with work. I am happy that I can share some personal experiences via @actifit. As soon as I am able to post some content that inerests you I come back to you!

You are really an awesome personality on Steem and I am glad that we connected :)

My suggestion for you

In case you need some help with something or think about a nice project I am always there to give advice or also I might participate :)


Hi Max, das war eine reife Leistung von dir! Bin auch stolz auf dich! Super Performance! Auf den nächsten Lauf im Herbst!

Danke dir :) ja ich muss sagen ich freue mich auch auf den nächsten!

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