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My husband is heading back to Arizona tomorrow morning. Today, we did laundry, cleaned, did some chores I can’t do on my own, and we packed his car.

He is taking a wool rug with him that used to be in our living room. But in my opinion, dogs and rugs don’t go together. And it is much, much colder where he is going - it will be 8 degrees Fahrenheit there tomorrow night 😳

To celebrate our last evening, we went to our favorite burger place in San Diego. Burger Lounge.


This chain either started in San Diego or LA - I don't remember. But I do know that they take sustainability and good food seriously. Much of the ingredients are organic, they serve the food on real plates that are washed and used over and over again.

It costs more than your run of the Mill fast food joint, but in my opinion, food is way too cheap anyway. Don't get me wrong. We are not swimming in money and I want to throw my money away, but we are not paying the real cost of food production - at least not when we purchase our food.

We do pay for it with our taxes. Many large farms get tons of subsidies. Usually, they are not the farmers that grow food using regenerative methods. I could go on and on because that is a bit of my soapbox. But I think I will save this for NaNoWriMo. I have a plan

Back to the Burgers.


We like to go to their location in Kensington on Adams Avenue. Kensington is a neighborhood in San Diego that is pretty posh now. Many of the houses are a million or more. That is why we don't live there.

But it is the closest Burger Lounge to our house, there is parking and some outdoor seating. Today, it was warm and we went early. When we have gone in the colder month or in the evening, this is what is making it possible for me to sit outside.


Yup. A big old heat lamp. My husband seems to be a heater in himself. He very seldom gets cold. I, on the other hand, get cold very, very easily... Yay for the heat lamp!!


The outdoor seating is rather simple, but some plants around the edges make it pleasant. People, cars, and dogs are part of the entertainment. Today, a Jaguar SUV was parked right in front of us. I find cars so boring now. They all look alike. In the olden days, a Jaguar was a very distinctive car. Now, it just costs a lot and looks pretty much like any other car. At least to me.

Back to the meal!!! I am getting so distracted with my soapboxes today!!


This is how we usually start out. I score a seat while my husband goes in to order. He brings me a glass of water without ice and he likes a local beer from the tab.

Afte a bit, the food arrives, cooked to order.


When we first used to come, we had burgers and shared a salad. Somehow, the salad morphed into onion rings and fries. I probably should be doing the ordering .


This is how I like my burger. With lots of Jalapenjos and a glutenfree bun. Not that I live glutenfree, but surprise, surprise, I like their glutenfree bun better than their regular one. Who would have thought!

Well, I didn't walk a lot today (I actually did but my phone was on strike again - I am actually going to buy a new one on Black Friday :) - but we sure ate a lot to make up for the low activity count. If we only could count the chewing action!!


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Thank you so much!! Now, I need to figure out how to share from twitter from there - I saw you contest LOL

Oh! It's easy. There is a share button in the little hamburger menu on the upper right when you open the post you might want to share. It will take you to Twitter. Then just type in the 3 required twitter tags before the post link.

Interesting post! The pictures are great and the food looks delicious! I too have found some gluten free buns better than the regular, but I have to have the gluten free ones anyway, lol. As for the jaw movement and step count......not sure how that would work out, but it's food for thought (pun intended😜) . Good job at getting your @actifit steps. Have a wonderful night!

It's 8 degrees F in Arizona? Which part? Maybe you two could compromise on the sides, and have potato salad with your burgers! :)

He works on the Navajo Nation in the Northeast part of Arizona- almost New Mexico and Utah.

I love bonding times. Mmmm seeing the yummy food makes me think of !BEER

Hahaha. Beer is always loved.

My !Beer token fails me 😭

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Agree how previously a small side salad is being replaced with oil fried onion rings or the like, prefer a little fresh salad with any meal to greasy food, chips are enough.

Never been offered gluten free buns, over here it is white or brown (whole wheat), perhaps never gone into areas where they have more options Marianne.

Gluten-free is big in the States now. It is everywhere.

Looks like a superb time with hubby. The burgers looks good. And onion rings are what mostly served here too. Or fries and mashed potatoes from powder. Glad you get to excercise face muscles. 😊

Hahaha. Face muscle exercise is one of my favorites- especially if I don’t have to cook for it!! Would love to excise with one of your meal 😀

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I am sure a new phone will solve so many problems for you. Also - tasteem would have paid 2.50 to 3:00 for this post :)

I should remember that more. Maybe I do a separate post for Tasteem 🤪

Yes, you can do this, @mariannewest. They do not care if you have something similar on steem


Yummy :)

I will have to check it out.

I love burgers, but not the Fast Food Crap, I usually make them myself, but its always nice to get something made for you.

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