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Heya SteemVerse

My in-laws were coming over for dinner. That means extra cleaning. Something about ol school Mums (my mother was also like this), their housekeeping is beyond me and I always feel my house is just not clean enough ..... hmmmm ... and it isn’t actually 😅

But the highlight of the day is my son insisting on adopting a kitten because his friend can’t keep it. This has actually been on-going for days. He has been going on and on and on trying to get me to say yes.

I kept saying NO. We already have a cat. A cat that was also adopted after I had said I didn’t want a pet in the apartment. And now again!!!!

Long story short. I was outnumbered. 5 against one... gahhhh. So the kitten arrived late last night. The Hubs got it settled in. Smokey the cat was upset as expected. And today all day, it was slowly letting him get familiar with her. She is right now kept in a cage until Smokey settles. The Hubs has some plans on working something out to give the kitten more room to roam. Perhaps tomorrow.

This 7ish kilo cat needing some TLC

Gaaaahhhh!! Why is no one listening to me? I am a One Cat Woman 😭😭😭

Ok done with that!! How was your day?

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I had two brothers for a while, when I found a 3rd cat in my backyard my wife begged to keep it. I was easily talked into it. Anyways we kept the new cat in a room for 24 hours, so the two boys could “get used” the new cats smell and presence. Think I found to do that on the Internet. Worked pretty well.

One of the brothers died recently, he was quickly replaced. So it’s old man, middle aged girl and a the new teenage boy. It goes as imagined they all annoy each other!! 😂😂

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I did not reply you sooner in the hopes that when I did, I can report something hahaha
Well, Smokey isn't hissing at us anymore, but he hardly goes to the kitchen anymore
And sometime he catches the kids with the kitten, and you know the thing cats do where they stand with their body curved, yeah......
And the kitten is so playful and Smokey sees this fella prancing all over the place...
Maybe in a couple of days ...

We tried not to keep any pets because we are always on the move, but during a visit to my one remaining sister she had a heartsore story to tell us.
She is the caretaker of a block of flats where no pets are allowed and someone gave a resident a tiny pup. The resident's children were very rough with the little thing that could fit into a coffee mug and the resident pleaded with us to take him.
Well, our little Troy is now 14 years old and he is my shadow.
Good luck with the new cat my friend!

What a heartwarming story
Lucky dog, it had a rough start but so glad it found you :)
Thank you, I might be warming up to another cat in the house
Don't tell my son :D

I so can relate to the feeling of needing to clean more for some people - but than again - we only live once and I don't want to spend all my time cleaning - especially since I hate it!

You won a 100% upvote and am going to look for a post we haven't voted on yet LOL

I hate it too hahaha
I think I started gungho on the cleanup when I decided to take a break... but that's not working out as planned as it is the least favourite thing ever ever....
But I did manage quite a bit :)
Thank you for the upvote <33

If I clean for too many hours, I get into such a bad mood. In the past, I have hired cleaning help when I could afford it. But if they don't do a good job, I get upset too. Maybe it would be different if money were a free-flowing commodity and a mediocre job would be not so upsetting. Anyway, I felt why pay someone when I still don't have a clean house LOL
I grew up with household help that were like part of our family and they knew where everything went and certainly took more pride in a clean house than I ever did - don't get me wrong - I like and keep my house clean for the most part - I just don't like doing it LOL And have way too many things going on to ever have a truly tidy house - also known as a very boring place to be in. 🤪

Housework definitely is high up on the Buzz Kill list 🤣😂🤣
I know what you mean... and it is never ending but needs to get done .... gahhhh
At least some AFIT tokens and Steem is in play now 😅

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Thank you very much for the support :D

Ops. If I am part of your family, I will be on your side. Always feel it will be extra work to have pets and always ends up becomes my job. Hope you are well. ❤️

You are definitely part of the framily :)
Yip!! Just the way I feel
But my son is so adamant
The siblings support
And the Father cannot say no because he also likes animals ..... gahhhhh
Well, looks like for now it is here to stay, but I have made it very clear they are responsible for it ...

i had the same battle with my family!
we lost our cat months ago - and my daughter begged and pleaded for us to take a new one that the neighbors couldn't keep

beautiful cat - and very mellow. but no. our pet days are over.

did they not tell you that mom's votes count as 10 other votes??? LOLOLOL

three in my house said yes

I said no.

i win

I said No for a whole week
A whole week I had to endure my 14 year old following me around like a Puppy, just looking sad
And I’d ask him what’s up and he’d say nothing
Finally, I caved in and said this is on your Dad
Dad of course grabbed his car key and said Come, let’s go! and they came back with a kitten 😏

You are a good momma 😘

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