My Actifit Report Card: September 4 2018

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Soooooo happy to be home. We intended for a vacation but ended up with a monster of a toddler who could not let the rest of us do anything or go anywhere. The times where he was asleep, distracted, or actively eating were about the only times the 3 of us got any chance to enjoy our trip. J did have a good time though and got to see a bunch of cool things despite his little brother being a monster.


We left Fairmont Hot springs around noon and we git home around 4:30. The border crossing was a lot longer wait than our normal ports of entry but it was still only about 30 minutes. They might have heard the incessantly crying toddler in the back seat because the line started moving decidedly faster. The first 4 cars in the line in front of us took forever, but soon the cars were pushed through faster and soon we were back in the US.

Tomorrow will be a busy as hell day and I am beyond ready for a full night of sleep after 4 nights of shit sleep. We never let the boys sleep in our bed so I have no ability to sleep well when they are and are spinning circles in their sleep.

Daily Activity, Walking

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I guess not every vacation is an easy one... Fairmont Hotsprings are pretty nice so I hope that you all try again sometime! But yeah! I'm actually impressed that you managed to get your 10,000 steps in! Usually when your driving long distances this can be difficult! Guess the toddler in the back seat kept you pretty busy then hey?! :D


Fairmont is a killer place and next time we go will be to stay there only, not travel around Canada. We didn't leave until noon so I had about half my steps by then and I had a number of things to do once we got home that kept me moving. The tiny tyrant will be better as he get's older, I hope.


I often feel that way. Some people like to go off and check a whole bunch of boxes. Yes! Did that! Did that! And did that... But sometimes it’s nice to just go to a really great place and park there for awhile. Soak in the feeling of the place and even pretend you live there... hahaha! I plan on doing that next time I go back to Veradero, Cuba. The water and white sand beaches are simply amazing wonders of relaxation... and coming from high elevation to sea level makes you want to run like a super hero on the beach every morning! 🌊⛵️ 🏝 🏖🏋🏼‍♂️ 🏝

Actifit is better source of getting health better

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It’s good to hear that you went for a vacation. But can’t able to enjoyed as expected by you. But that’s all part of on gong life.
And I appreciate you ACTIFIT activity. It’s showing more than 10K. I liked that. I am struggling to reach 6K.
But after seeing you ACTIFIT report I made up my mind I will also try to reach 10K.
Very nice post. Please continue posting your latest events.