What??? No Coffee!!! - My Actifit Report Card: June 5 2019

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Waking up to discover there is no coffee in the house I ended up running down to 7/11 for a couple cheap refills first thing in the morning. Grabbed a couple hash-browns while I was there and headed to Langford Lake.

Tired and grumpy both Jerry and I were, just a quick 15 min walk around the waterfront before heading back home. Must have been the wake up and go throwing both of us off our normal morning routine 😅

At home I did dishes and tidied up the house before heading off to work.

Work was slower, we finished about an hour early. I did mostly panning again with the odd jobs in between such as rolling crusty buns. Not sure what I did exactly but by the end of the day my back was aching pretty good and I was glad to be done that hour early.

After work I laid down eventually taking Jerry out for a slow moving 20min walk around the block. Needed to relax my back as it tightened up on me during the drive home.

It seems the hardest thing to do is sitting when my back starts to ache but at least I can find relief through laying down. It is slowly getting better and I will start doing a stomach strengthening routine to help avoid this situation in future 🤞

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Haha I laughed when I saw you ran out of coffee. This happened to me a week or two ago. I was like hell no!! (I even did a post on it lol)

Great report & I hope you & Jerry have a wonderful day! ✨😊💗

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Lol no coffee is definitely a topic worthy of a post 😣

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Ha ha it sure is!! Cheers to you, @d00k13 🤣😂☕

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Cheers ☕️

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You guy's and your addition to coffee. I never touch the stuff.

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😂🤣☕☕☕☕ That's probably the worse vice I have so I guess that isn't too bad all things considered.

I am impressed you don't even need coffee. Man, I would not be the happy pixie without at least 1 cup a day lol.

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He must live off the 5 hour energy 🤣🤣🤣

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No I just never liked the stuff. Drank a lot of iced tea years ago, but managed to curb that to a couple of glasses a week.

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Well your missing out my friend 😅

Who? @mytechtrail? Lol he must because he has a lot of energy 😂😂

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Sorry to hear your back feels messed up. I’d recommend a chiropractor if you’ve never been to one. At first I was scared of somebody cracking my spine back into place but it feels sooooooooo amazing! 👌🏽

Yea buddy I am seeing a chiropractor and I believe it’s the only reason I have gotten back on my feet 💪 the doctor says it’s a sprain and the chiro says nerve impingement both have opposing symptoms and treatments so I’ve been listening to the chiro since their diagnosis is more severe and well it seems to be improving.... doctors around here think everyone just want pain killers 🤦‍♂️ I want relief but not temporary 😉

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Dunka 💪

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Adventurous story of coffee... Maximum time I ran out of coffee and went to superstore early in the morning... I can feel your pain buddy... Hahaha...

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

It’s he worst wanting that coffee but being on your way to get the supplies only to have to return home to make it 😣 I always grab a cup while I’m out for the trip back home 😅