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Hello dear Steemians and Actifiters!

A few days ago I started using Actifit Fitness Tracker (@actifit) and I am so happy! It is very nice application on the Steem blockchain that tracks your daily activity (measure the number of your steps). The application works quite well on my mobile phone (Android) and is not that much energy consuming. @yanipetkov told me about this application and I started using it immediately. So, a big shout out to @yanipetkov.

I have been using it everyday and I do like it, because I am a very active person (I like to walk for hours, or to ride a bicycle) and I do like sports. Of course, I work from Monday to Friday 8 hours a day in front of the computer at the office, but I am still able to find a time for sports. @actifit makes my day much better and interesting.

Today, I decided to delegate 30 SP to @actifit in order to support their idea and community. I hope other active Steemians will also join the @actifit community and will delegate SP.


#actifit #smt #fitness #sport #steem

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Glad to hear, and thank you ! :)


@mcfarhat, thank you! 30 SP is not that much, but I am still a minnow.

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Ooo thats a right step. I did the same few days ago.

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