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Hi Friends!

Actifit is a popular Dapp built on the Steem blockchain that rewards it's users for staying fit and healthy. I love seeing the fitness community grow here on Steem and @actifit has been instrumental in encouraging more people to get out, get moving and then talk about it here on the steem blockchain.

I personally think Actifit will be one of the most valuable Steem projects as it continues to develop. Most people I know use a fitness tracker of some sort - but most of them are simply tracking for their own knowledge. Once they realize they can find a like minded community and can earn cryptocurrency by sharing their fitness experiences - then that will be a massive game changer!

The purpose of this contest is to encourage Steemians to create a video speaking about how Actifit works, what is its purpose, its role on our Blockchain and in your own words, why Actifit one of the best Blockchain DApps out there.

Why is the @steemonboarding team making this @blocktrades sponsored contest?

Easy. We want to feature that video on our website so, people from all over the world can learn about Actifit. We need a video that not only get's new users excited about using Actifit - but is clear enough that even your grandma will understand why and how to use this Dapp.

Video Requirements

The winner will recieve three 100% full upvotes from @blocktrades.

UPDATE - The @actifit team has also generously offered to give 1000 AFIT tokens to the winner of this contest as well!

The video must:

  • Be in english with a good pronunciation and grammar.
  • Not be longer than 5 minutes.
  • Include visual aid. The most visually appealing and explicit the video is, the better.

The video must include the next topics:

There is no particular order required... just be sure to include them all in whatever way works best for your video.

  • What is Actifit?

  • Points of contact: Website, Steem username, discord etc. Make it very simple, don't confuse the viewer.

  • Advantages of using Actifit.

  • How does Actifit work? You don't need to go into too much detail, but be thorough about how they find the app, login, get started and and then post their daily results to Steem.

  • Close the video with some of the best arguments you can come up with, to make people start using Actifit and if they are not part of the Steem Blockchain, to create an account and start using Steem and it's various DApps.

Rules for Participating

  • You have until Monday April 15th at 11:59 pm PST to submit your video.

  • The title of your video must be similar to "Tutorial: What is Actifit? - A blocktrades sponsored contest" or "How does Actifit work? - A blocktrades sponsored contest. It doesn't have to be exactly the same as these two, but it has to be similar.

  • Use the tags "Actifit", "Blocktrades" and "Blocktradescontest". Seriously... if you don't use the right tags you can't get a blocktrades vote!

  • Please consider Resteeming this post! I'm not making it a requirement, but it would be super helpful in getting the word out.

  • Make sure to leave a comment below with a link to your entry so that it doesn't get missed!


The videos that follow all the instructions stated here, will receive a small vote from Blocktrades, regardless of the outcome of this contest.

By entering this contest, the Steem User grants the rights of the video submitted to @steemonboarding to use the video for promotional purposes in and outside the Steem Blockchain.

This contest outcome will be judged by the @steemonboarding team and @mcfarhat of the Actifit team. The winner will be picked depending on the needs of the Steemonboarding Project.

We can't wait to see your entries!

Let's reach mass adoption together!

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Oh man! I'd love to enter a video for this but I worry that I've not used @actifit before, so maybe I'm not best placed to highlight it's features! Maybe I should start using it eh.

@ashtv - i'm so glad you saw this!! You are definitely one of the most skilled video creators on this platform! Over the next month or so, @anomadsoul and I will be hosting a variety of contests just like this for the various dapps. There is currently a Steem hunt contest open as well - here's the link:

So far we have done one for Fundition (already closed) and currently have an Actifit and Steemhunt contest in the works. Like I said though, over the next month we will be doing a ton more of these.

So it's totally up to you how many you want to enter! If you want to just stick to the dapps you mainly use, or dig into the different dapps and put an entry for more - it's whatever works for you. :)

Thanks for your interest and let me know if you have any questions!

Yeah I saw the Fundition one but didn’t have time to enter, but same situation with that too I’ve not used it before so I’m not sure if my point of view is valid!

Thanks for the kind words on my work @coruscate, that’s very appreciated!
I just wish I had more time to get involved in making these for STEEM. They’re fun and flex different creative muscles. I’ve pledged to make more general ‘STEEM’ related ones.

I’ll be on a mission to get involved.
Great work with you guys setting these up and running it. The community needs you!

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Wow, thanks @magicdice :)

Let’s hope there’s a video contest for you coming up, I’ll do that as I’m a bit of a user :)

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Hi @steemonboarding!

I've created a video for @actifit. Here is the link:

Let me know if you want anything changed... I'm happy to make any edits that you need.

Thanks for watching!

Thank you so much for the amazing entry!!

Of course! My absolute pleasure!

One of the most popular fitness trackers....Fitbit now syncs with @actifit!😀
Fitbit has a large market, that is already tracking there steps. Let health conscious people know that not only can you stay healthy, but now you can get paid to stay healthy!!
Yes let’s make that video and tell everyone what we know!!🤗

Love it!!

Absolutely, let’s get the word out!😊

Amaaaaaaazing Contest ! :) 💙💙💙 ♬♬

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Thanks @blueangel! We can’t wait to see the awesome entries people create. 😃

Oh my gosh, what a great contest. I will think about participating but I'm just absolutely awful on video! I will certainly promote and applaud. :-)

Thanks @jayna!! We are excited to see more entries start rolling in. @anomadsoul and I will be running a variety of contests over the next month to get videos for all the dapps - so if you know any video creators, pass the word along! 😃

Ps... wish you were coming to Austin! Michelle and I will be there (well she’s a maybe) and it won’t feel the same without you!

Awesome!! Heading to check it out now! :)

Its really great to see all the users are coming forward to make the Steem Dapps more popular then they are .
Glad to be a part of it, here is my entry

Awesome @rehan12!! I'm heading to check out your entry right now! :)

It was really great to be apart of the contest and I really loving @actifit Thanks to you and the team of @steemonboarding & @blocktrades for taking this initiative.

Yeh Very soon i will give my entry.... thanks for the contest.

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Awesome! Can't wait to see your entry!

This is fantastic and I will submit my entry soon. Actifit is amazing and I would love to share. Thanks for the contest.

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Great! I'm looking forward to checking out your entry!

@stackin this is right up your alley

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This is a wonderful contest for Actifitters to partake.

Let's see what I can do....

Good luck to everyone!

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My entry from yesterday!
Hope you like it. Just forgot to post it under this post.

Best regards David

Fantastic, I'd love to make a video.... But, I am very ugly and I fear that my face will scare people away from @actifit 😱. However, I wish, everyone who enters, the best of luck 😁.

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Aww no negative self talk like that allowed! 😉 Thanks for your excitement about the contest though. We are really excited to see the entries.

Hi @coruscate I just came to know about this app. So I might take some experience for now but I wish all the best to all who are going to be a part of this contest. As fitness should be our priority in our lifestyle and I guess @actifit is being that motivation engine for all the Steemians.

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Thanks for your support!

Congratulations @coruscate!
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suport me

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Here is my entry for @actifit contest... Also I uploaded on youtube .. Hope you will like it.. :)


Thanks so much for your entry!! Sorry been traveling but will check it out and get the blocktrades vote heading your way in the next day or so!

Well, I saw you were very busy with Austin conference. Honestly speaking I have heard You have given a very good presentation.. Looking forward to see some of clips of your presentation..

Thanks so much for your entry!! Sorry been traveling but will check it out and get the blocktrades vote heading your way in the next day or so!

This is really one of the best app in steem blockchain.
Thanks for this contest.Mem.
Here the link for my entry
Thanks Mem...

Thanks so much for your entry!! Sorry been traveling but will check it out and get the blocktrades vote heading your way in the next day or so!

Thank you. in dtube just tried my best.Thank you so much mem.for.held this contest.
Have a nice day..mem..♥♥

Nice move blocktrades and actifit. This would appeal more people to join no doubt. Actifit is the best fitness dapp according to me and the more people know about it, the better!

keep it going!

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aaaaah I had so much fun making this entry.
Thanks for the contest

Thanks so much for your entry!! Sorry been traveling but will check it out and get the blocktrades vote heading your way in the next day or so!

Always a pleasure to do some Dapp Reviews for this amazing platform. Here's my Entry for Actifit @coruscate. Looking forward to the next contest. xo
actifit (1).png

Thanks so much for your entry!! Sorry been traveling but will check it out and get the blocktrades vote heading your way in the next day or so!

No Worries Lea. Loving the Conference posts, More Please :)

Love to participate.
But I am not good in making videos but I will try my best.

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Thanks so much for your entry!! Sorry been traveling but will check it out and get the blocktrades vote heading your way in the next day or so!

I waiting for your big upvote😀😉 Have a nice day!

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Hello and good day dear Steemians and Actifitters.
Here is my link entry on What is Actifit contest Sponsored by: Blocktrades.

Great contest for a great app. I've been using Actifit since July of 2018 and love it. @mcfarhat runs a dedicated team and is the benchmark for development projects on our blockchain.

Here is my entry for the contest :)


Good day, here is my entry:
Actually my second vid I made about actifit. Thanks for the cool contest.

I have seen some amazing entries (did not have the time to check everyone of them) and I would like to wish good luck to everyone!

I prepared the video before seeing the great participants, but still I wish to post it. It feels nice to be among a community that supports each other and it is a wonderful feeling to be among a supportive and encouraging Team (Actifit)

This is my post:
And this is my video

Dtube does not work for me at the moment (using Firefox - but I can try again in the next days)

Once more, good luck to everyone & Thank you @steemonboarding and @blocktrades for this opportunity :)

I hope to have a little video entry in by tomorrow evening @coruscate!
Life has been hectic but I wanted to get involved with a little contribution - better late than never eh!

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Cool! I'll keep an eye out for it if you have a chance to make it! Totally get life being busy.

Hi , @coruscate , I saw @blocktrades voted my post which was about @actifit few minutes back.. But the post is now 7 days old... Here is my post.. And here is the screenshot ...


Can you please check that out....

I hope I made the deadline.. (I'm unsure of the PST vs GMT time conversion!!)
Here's my @blocktrades and @steemboarding video for the @actifit video contest. (cc @coruscate & @anomadsoul) Thanks!

Love those contests you guys are running! hope this will have a big impact.
here's my entry: