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RE: My Actifit Report Card: September 8 2019

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Very interesting @scienceblocks
My dog eats very often grass, but she doesn't touches leaves. I've heard many different things. The vet said it was very bad and she had stomach problems, again someone said it was deficiency symptoms, still someone else said it was a tick and again others said it was about the consumption of dietary fiber.
When she eats grass to puke, then she will eat old and fresh grass (just the kind with the long leaves). She starts puking really fast with this. I also would say she eats more grass she changes the fur (Summer/Winter and Winter/Summer).
But she can also eat fresh young grass in masses without puking. Maybe the fresh grass has a special taste that she likes very much.
I can't really explain it either.


Well, first of all I am really glad that you did read this. I was wondering if I made a mistake by sharing it in actifit report. So thanks for stopping by, really. :)

This is very interesting about why sometimes your dog pukes and other times it doesn't. Makes you wonder if dogs are really smart to choose the plants they want. I am sure as hell going to dig deeper into this. For now I will try putting these kids on high fibre diet to rule out that possibility. Let's see what comes out of this.

Nothing to thanks for @scienceblocks :-)
As a dog owner, I click on everything where a dog is in the thumbnail :-D
I must say it was a very interesting read which I hadn't expected in an actifit post.

As you say, they are very smart eating what they need. I just take care that she doesn't eat the grass along the road or grass that could contain pesticides or venomous plants. What I noticed, she eats a lot less grass in our own backyard. Probably it doesn't taste as good as it does in the forest.
I'm very curious about what you're going to figure out.

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