Definitely Still Summer.

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I met someone this morning...

It definitely did not look pleased to see me.

The sun was already up when I went outside to jog. When I reached the playground, I looked for a spot to warm up and keep my bottled water.

This black cat was staring at me intently the whole time!

It thinks I was tresspassing.

Do you believe in bad omen?

Remember when they say you pass by a black cat and something bad will happen? I used to believe that when I was a kid so I was always petrified of black cats. 😨😱

Anyhow, I know better now...

So off to my business I went. Like yesterday, I just aimed for 1 hour and 6kms because I was late and still had to prepare for work.

Screenshot from my Samsung Health app.

I am still averaging 1 km in 10 minutes, my fastest today being 9:30. I hope to cover more distance in a shorter period of time soon.

Playful Weather

If yesterday morning the weather was a bit humid, it was a cool today. I felt I did not sweat enough. I even continued my workout at home with some tae bo exercises and a few zumba dances while cooking. Haha

Imagine our surprise when this afternoon as we went out for lunch, we were slapped by very hot winds. Like scorching hot! 🔥🔥

Snap of Al Reem Island taken from our spot at the Abu Dhabi Mall Food Court

Though there were still people swimming and sunbathing at the beach!

Nah, I wouldn't do that. Just too hot! It registered a maximum of 45°C today

Off to Sleep Early

It's 9pm and I am extremely exhausted. I keep on yawning and I feel like I want to throw up. So I am calling it a day just when most people from thr other side of the world are starting theirs.

So goodnight from me, 🌃🌛from the desert.

I'll catch up with y'all soon.

❤️️ Arlyn

All photos are mine taken via my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


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Loved that you went to the effort to personalize your actifit post! ❤️
Nice work and glad you had playful weather, mine is just cold. Lol


Thanks @linnyplant! My actifit reports are the only blog posts I can write these days so I have to put at least a little more effort to them. Haha

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