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RE: My Actifit Report Card: August 29 2019

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You have achieved an #AutomaticWin by successfully stepping your way to 10,000 steps before 10am! That's what we call starting your day on the right foot!

Qualifying for the #AutomaticWin achievement gets you:

1 AWIN Token! <--- Upgrade To: Bronze, Silver, or Gold!
[Check AWIN Balance]


💨10,000👟 + 10am⏱ = #AutomaticWin!💥🏅💥

Being intentional with your health and fitness really pays off doesn't it?! Here at @AdventureReady we believe that the more intentional people are with their steps and each other the better so don't forget to tell your friends all about how you made your #AutomaticWin happen today!

- How To Get An #AutomaticWin: Step By Step & F.A.Q. -

Want to celebrate your steps with us?

Click over to this weeks #HighFive Post and leave a comment for a chance to win 5 Steem and hang out with the rest of the @AdventureReady crew!

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Thanks so much Sorry with the changes an upvote would be a dust vote and wasted ;(

I guess things have really changed? I'm still determining to what extent. Anyways Jay... The way I see it... Every little bit is a vote for what we want more of in the world. Thank you for your comment my friend! #HighFive!

Yes the same for me, I have been told by a few people to stop upvoting on comments as it is a waste, I am still playing wait and see and trying to work out all the impact of this change, and hoping for the best :)