Actifit Updates: Witness status - Why voting for Actifit (& other dapps) is great for Steem. Payments sent. Top actifitters & more.

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This update represents a compilation of the recent news, updates and projections about our Actifit project, including top actifitters for the preceding voting cycle, as well as updates on our account and delegations !

Actifit Witness Status: Why voting for Actifit (& other dapps) is great for Steem

10 days ago, we officially launched our Actifit witness. This was a major move that we have been considering for quite a while.
Being a witness on the Steem blockchain is a big deal. Witnesses are individuals (and dapps) that you are choosing to be your representatives under Steem's DPOS (distributed Proof of Stake) system for block production. By voting for a witness, you are basically saying that this witness represents me, and I believe in their capability to do a great job to maintain the Steem blockchain and help it grow.

So why did we make this move?
We believe dapps of Steem will be the real backbone for future growth of the Steem BC as a whole.
While as a blogging platform, Steem has done well so far, yet with dapps and SMTs, we are opening up the platform for far more potential beyond simple blogging.

Large dapps such as Utopian, SteemHunt, SteemMonsters, Steempress, Actifit and others have the potential to reach thousands and millions of active users who are well established outside the Steem ecosystem, and are waiting to learn about us, and for the right doors to open up to onboard them.

So how does this relate to witness status?
Those dapps, whose most interest is the growth and success of the Steem blockchain, and who have the technical know-how and interest to properly manage witness servers (and full nodes), are essential to be part of the witnesses, and even top 20 witnesses. Having a voice to decide how Steem should move forward is of great importance, hence why witnesses and top witnesses need to be a combination of serious Steem visionaries, entrepreneurs, alongside Steem dapps.

We as Actifit are committed more than full-time (however humanly possible) to the Steem blockchain, and this is due to our belief that Steem is the perfect environment to have all those amazing dapps. We couldn't think of a better place for Actifit to grow.

Hence why we started our own witness, and as mentioned above when we have the financial capabilities we also plan on launching our own full node, which we believe is an even bigger contribution and commitment to the growth and success of the Steem BC.

Witness Status
In terms of our witness, we have climbed several positions in the last 10 days, reaching now position 134 (effective 118). We are running Steem version 0.20.6, and we haven't missed any block.
A big thank you for everyone voting for Actifit.

Above screenshot taken from @drakos'

Our witness server specs are as follows:

Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core
incl. Hyper-Threading Technology
Hard Drive: 2 x 240 GB SATA 6 Gb/s SSD
(Software-RAID 1)
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS minimal
Connection: 1 GBit/s-Port
Guaranteed bandwidth: 1 GBit/s
Backup space: 100 GB
Traffic: Unlimited
Location: Finland

If you believe in Actifit, please consider voting for Actifit as witness

Payments Sent

To date, Actifit has awarded 12.4 million AFIT tokens to more than 29K token holders and 23K activity reports.


We had also sent out earlier today the weekly delegator beneficiary payments in STEEM & SBD.
A total of 43.769 STEEM & 32.661 SBD has been distributed to 313 delegators.

Top Daily Actifitters

Our latest voting round included 259 activity reports.
Below are the top 10 actifitters from this round. Well done guys !!

RankActifit MemberUser RankActivity CountAFITs Rewarded@actifit UpvotePost Link
#1@actifit-peter461526178.5 Tokens9.16%post
#2@kpreddy33.51327868.375 Tokens7.98%post
#3@kenny-crane39.52002167.875 Tokens7.92%post
#4@stats-generator42.51306563.125 Tokens7.37%post
#5@chairmanlee591919061.75 Tokens7.21%post
#6@xers41.51522461.375 Tokens7.16%post
#7@practicaleric37.54153361.375 Tokens7.16%post
#8@astrophoto.kevin391024760.75 Tokens7.09%post
#9@arrliinn30.51026260.625 Tokens7.08%post
#10@browery39.51031558.875 Tokens6.87%post

A kind reminder to all actifitters: some versions of esteem app still cause issues when used to edit your reports, via removing essential info Actifit uses to identify proper reports. This prevents related reports from receiving rewards.
Until this issue is officially fixed via the esteem team, we advise that you use other Steem interfaces for editing, including our own, steemit, busy or others.

Delegation Status

Under our new Actifit reward and rank system, the amount of delegated SP has a large influence over not only the daily/weekly delegation reward, but also on the amount of rewards the actifitter receives on daily reports, as it constitutes a key element in User Rank.
Which is why being an Actifit delegator now has more influence on your rewards, coupled with number of AFIT tokens and other factors highlighted before.
Add to that, and a key important item that will benefit Actifit by receiving more delegation, is the ability to claim and create more user accounts. At the moment, Actifit is claiming a max of around 7 account spots per day. Although this is a good start, yet the number is still small compared to the potential that Actifit has to bring in masses. Simply another reason to delegate to Actifit!

Actifit continues to receive amazing delegations and support by more members of our community.
Below is the recent list:
@georgemales(621 SP)
@direwolf(901 SP)
@dimitrisp(200 SP)
@dumnebari(40 SP)
@greendeliverence(20 SP)
@moving.around(400 SP)
@travelling-two(200 SP)

Accordingly, @actifit account is now at 164,467 SP

Thank you to all delegators for the wonderful support! To see the list of all our delegators, check out

Delegators share a max cap of 100K AFIT tokens according to their delegation amount, and also earn a 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts' beneficiary earnings.

Since many ask, here we describe again an easy way to calculate your AFIT tokens for a full day of delegations:
(Your Delegated SP) * 100,000 AFIT MAX / (Actifit Account Delegated SP - without account own SP and any delegators who opted out).
So for instance if you had delegated 100 SP, your daily earnings would be around:
100 * 100,000 / 162,000 = 61.34 AFITs

We are always appreciative of more delegations to be able to better award actifitters and support our project, so thank you for doing that !

When you are looking to increase your delegation, you need to use the new total amount as the delegation amount, and not only the increased amount. Otherwise only the new amount will be used, and the remaining amount will be undelegated.

To delegate, you can use any of the following links:
10SP, 20SP, 30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP, 20,000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

If you believe in Actifit, please consider voting for Actifit as witness

Our Top Delegators
An additional big thank you to some of our top supporters

@julialee66 | @chairmanlee |@humanearl|@selfvotejustice|@flauwy | @taskmaster4450 | @trumpman | @mobbs | @fedesox | @justtryme90 | @onetin84 | @onealfa |

Our wonderful ambassadors

@flauwy| @taskmaster4450|@rosatravels | @toocurious

Our amazing moderators

@alfamano| @katerinaramm|@kpreddy| @ciuoto| @thereikiforest| @d-gold| @vishalsingh4997| @ruah| @lordneroo | @stats-generator

Thanks to @katerinaramm for the daily image design

Haven't downloaded Actifit yet? download it from the playstore or from the app store and start your journey to fitness and rewards!

@actifit team




These are exciting news to read. Also, it provides the reasons steemians needs to vote for dapps on the blockchain. It is more of educational post on that aspect.
Congratulation on your current state as a Witness and hope to see actifit soaring higher.

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

any chance the Actifit apps will start picking up fitbit data any time soon?

The current Rambling Radio Schedule can be found here
It's All About Community!

yes, it's in the works :)

Hi @mcfarhat , may I just know since we are on this subject, would there be functions that picks up Google Fit / iOS Health later? Since there are some pedometer that actually updates their daily steps there too.

Hey there,
Google fit highly unlikely, since it allows you to edit your activity and hence can be manipulated.
iOS health we are using the same approach to their reading the data, which is basically capturing the sensor information.
Our approach to Actifit is that we will add much more information to the app so that one could simply rely on Actifit for the tracking info .. and earning tokens :)
Having said that, if there is any added value into integrating those, we will be happy to look into it.

Voted for witness and upped my delegation :-)

That is excellent @gregan. I upped my delegation today also.

I think we both did an excellent decision today 🙂

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me too :)

thanks for Actifit efforts :)
happy STEEMLIFE with Actifit ♥ LOVE !

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 시세변동을 감안하여 $0.003을 보팅해서 $0.020을 지켜드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 1321번 $18.655을 보팅해서 $16.418을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

Actifit fitness tracker app my febret app in my mobile i always like this app.

hi @actifit , yesterday I just tried downloading from the app store and installed to my 6S , however, it was not picking up the movements as the one I have installed for my parents at the Android mobile phone.

May I know is there any settings that I have missed out? Because I hardly see anything in there except setting a donation account.

That being said, I think the Android version is doing well, and may I know what's the actifit token about? Should I set it on for my parents? They just tried their first 1,000 steps yesterday but there seems to be nothing except posting into Steemit.

I'll try to look for some of your FAQ soon to read more about it. Right now, my 6S is running iOS 12, but I am on power save mode as it's a refurbished old phone and it cannot run under full power for too long.

if its an old phone, it probably doesn't have the proper sensors that allow us to read the movement.
Feel free to join us on discord to help better troubleshoot the issue.
In terms of AFIT token, you can check more details on our website

hlo @actifit you do not vote on my post for a long time. please check and solve the problem.

Your account has been banned for almost a month now due to use of similar content over and over again.

@actifit How will ok now?

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i checked and it was voted.

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