Actifit Major Announcement: Move AFIT To Steem-Engine. AFITX Our New Exclusive Token Announced - Detailed Dive. Airdrop Announce. Daily Updates

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Move AFIT to S-E

Today's announcement is probably one of the largest we made recently (yes we've had quite a number of big announcements - token partnerships, actifit market, tip functionality..., and no we're not getting tired lol).

We are excited to finally bring in to our actifitters the capability to start moving their AFIT tokens in a more liquid manner, but also to exchange them on steem-engine.

We had introduced the ability to move your AFIT tokens from S-E to your actifit wallet (without charge), and now we are introducing the other way around, from your actifit wallet to S-E (also without charging fees).

We decided to make this a big move alongside a lot of additional benefits to our actifitters, and introduce our next big thing, AFITX token.

Enhanced Wallet Screen


AFITX token is AFIT eXclusive token, aimed to provide Actifit users with special benefits and perks, starting with the capability to move AFIT tokens over to Steem-engine, ... and extending to a planned full exchange functionality (AFIT eXchange token), as follows:

1. Moving AFIT to S-E

You will be able to move AFIT tokens, automatically, on a daily basis, via holding a minimum amount of AFITX. For every 1 AFITX held, you will be able to move 100 AFIT tokens daily (the minimum is 0.1 AFITX to enable moving 10 AFIT daily).
Visit your wallet, and check the new Move AFIT Daily to S-E screen.
The moves are automated, and you can cancel, increase or decrease the amount any time. This is similar to how STEEM power down functions, except that the outcome is daily, and takes place at 10:00 AM UTC.

2. Increased User Rank

Your user rank will increase via holding AFITX tokens. For every 1 AFITX token, your user rank will increase your rank by 0.1. 1000 AFITX tokens will increase your user rank by 100 factor (thats more than double).

3. Increased Daily Rewards

As a result of the increase in your User Rank, your daily rewards will increase across the different tokens being rewarded by Actifit. AFIT, STEEM, ZZAN, PAL & SPORTS will all increase based upon your AFITX token holdings.

4. Priority In Daily AFIT To STEEM Upvote Exchange

When attempting to perform an AFIT to STEEM upvote exchange, one of the hurdles faced by users is the waiting time. AFITX helps overcome this by providing a priority to 25 top AFITX token holders to get their exchange within the next reward cycle. Hence instead of waiting 4 or 5 days for the exchange, they can get that done on the next cycle.
This functionality is not complete yet, but will be rolled out in the coming few days.

5. Participation Right In Competitions

AFITX token holders, with a minimum of 1 AFITX held, will be eligible to participate in special Actifit held competitions. We have recently started running some competitions on our discord, so some of those will be exclusive to AFITX token holders.

6. Actifit Exchange

Based on our recent partnership with Steemzzang and Sports talk social, and our increased integration with Steem-engine based projects, and as the Steem ecosystem still does not have enough coverage nor exchange platforms, we decided that it makes sense for Actifit to aim for developing a parallel endeavour that goes along our key Actifit focus, while enabling the use of AFITX as the core of our exchange functionality, enabling exchanging other Steem-engine tokens and STEEM amongst each other.

AFITX Airdrop

We wanted to reward all of our committed actifitters, so every actifitter who has 100 AFIT tokens or more in his Actifit wallet, will be eligible for an airdrop of AFITX.

The AFITX token initial price is at 10 STEEM/AFIT, and via the airdrop, for every 100 AFIT tokens, you will receive 0.1 AFITX (1 STEEM)

This amount is capped at a maximum of 10,000 AFIT, whereby the maximum reward for any AFIT holder will be 10 AFITX (100 STEEM).

This enables all existing and active (except banned accounts) to proceed with moving their AFIT tokens to Steem-engine. Keep in mind that moving AFIT tokens can negatively influence your user rank, as one of the factors is the amount of AFIT tokens held in your Actifit wallet. So use that wisely.

We plan on running the airdrop in the coming 24 hours.

Top Daily Actifitters

Our latest voting round included 753 rewarded reports.
Below are the top 20 actifitters from this round. Well done guys !!

RankActifit MemberUser RankActivity CountAFITs Rewarded@actifit UpvotePost Link
#1@psyceratopsb4019381130 Tokens1.02%post
#2@amico51.52624387.875 Tokens0.69%post
#3@tattoodjay381214884.5 Tokens0.66%post
#4@bluengel533982284.25 Tokens14.92%post
#5@actifit-peter571339383.25 Tokens0.65%post
#6@amico47.53810382.875 Tokens0.65%post
#7@thereikiforest47.51507382.875 Tokens0.65%post
#8@actifit-peter611181282.25 Tokens0.64%post
#9@practicaleric50.51919881.625 Tokens0.64%post
#10@felt.buzz48.52600281.125 Tokens0.64%post
#11@cryptospa531662680.75 Tokens0.63%post
#12@practicaleric46.51801080.625 Tokens0.63%post
#13@browery351777977.75 Tokens0.61%post
#14@browery491312477.25 Tokens0.61%post
#15@pjansen47.51111376.875 Tokens0.6%post
#16@mhm-philippines51.52089376.875 Tokens0.6%post
#17@chireerocks431024875.75 Tokens0.59%post
#18@bucipuci40.53058175.125 Tokens0.59%post
#19@roger5120563437475 Tokens14.85%post
#20@jonmylestan27.53505473.875 Tokens0.58%post

A kind reminder to all actifitters: some versions of esteem app still cause issues when used to edit your reports, via removing essential info Actifit uses to identify proper reports. This prevents related reports from receiving rewards.
Until this issue is officially fixed via the esteem team, we advise that you use other Steem interfaces for editing, including our own, steemit, busy or others.

Doubled UP Rewarded Actifitter

Today's Random Double Up Reward went to @psyceratopsb!
This lead to doubling up the AFIT token rewards and the STEEM upvote value.
Congrats! & Don't forget to claim your "Lucky Doubled Up" badge on your profile page.

RankActifit MemberUser RankActivity CountAFITs Rewarded@actifit UpvotePost Link
#1@psyceratopsb4019381130 Tokens1.02%post

Will your rewards get doubled UP tomorrow? :)

Our Newest Actifitters

In case this is the first time you see this section, essentially it aims to introduce new actifitters to our amazing community.

During the last voting round, we were happy to welcome the below new actifitters, joining more than 2,500 unique users who had posted an actifit report.

Our recent joiners are: @dreamthink, @jitkumar, @trumpdump, @smithgold, @sabeen, @love568686, @bijoyhunt, @mindblast, @coyotelation, @cryptopossible, @keybordjp, @dr-frankenstein, @pangoli, @bel2, @sicak, @enguzel, @mayerescobarg and @belirli.
Feel free to check out their recent reports and welcome them to the Actifit community!

Delegation Status

Actifit continues to receive amazing support by the community. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who is continuously supporting Actifit.

Below is the recent delegation updates' list:
@pjansen(108 SP)
@runridefly(1,990 SP)
@bluengel(547 SP)
@minhaz007(530 SP)
@prettyglo(75 SP)
@syedumair(5,050 SP)
@revisesociology(100 SP)
@ciuoto(790 SP)
@deepu7(1,000 SP)
@evegrace(150 SP)
@redthunder(7 SP)
@dailyspam(13 SP)
@metzli(100 SP)
@jahangirwifii(59 SP)
@burlarj(2,294 SP)
@iansart(272 SP)

Thank you to all delegators for the wonderful support! To see the list of all our delegators, check out

The amount of delegated SP has a large influence over not only the daily/weekly delegation reward, but also on the amount of rewards the actifitter receives on daily reports, as it constitutes a key element in User Rank.

Which is why being an Actifit delegator now has more influence on your rewards, coupled with number of AFIT tokens and other factors highlighted before.

Delegators share a max cap of 100K AFIT tokens according to their delegation amount, and also earn a 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts' beneficiary earnings.

We are appreciative of more delegations to be able to better award actifitters and support our project, so thank you for doing that !

When you are looking to increase your delegation, you need to use the new total amount as the delegation amount, and not only the increased amount. Otherwise only the new amount will be used, and the remaining amount will be undelegated.

@actifit Team

To delegate to Actifit, you can use any of the following links:
10SP, 20SP, 30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP, 20,000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

consider voting for Actifit as witness

Our Top Delegators
An additional big thank you to some of our top supporters

@goodnewworld | @freedom | @sepracore | @fitat40 | @julialee66 | @onealfa | @oldtimer | @selfvotejustice | @supergiant | @taskmaster4450 | | @wil.metcalfe

Our wonderful ambassadors

@akomoajong | @alexvanaken | @ervin-lemark | @flauwy | @jaraumoses | @jasonshick | @rosatravels | | @toocurious | @pearlumie

Our amazing moderators

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Haven't downloaded Actifit yet? download it from the playstore or from the app store and start your journey to fitness and rewards!

@actifit team




This is awesome news, excited for the next phase of Actifit. Keep up the good work everyone!

That's a huge announcement indeed! Great to see you work on improving the user experience every time. Well done @actifit team!

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That has pretty much gone right over my head. 😢

I don't understand why there needs to be a second token and I'm concerned about the loss of rank if I move my AFIT to Steem Engine. I would prefer them to be there because it's easier to manage all my tokens in one place but I don't want to lower my rank.

Where will the airdrop tokens be dropped on Steem Engine?

lol @gillianpearce,
you do not need to move over your AFIT, you can just keep them where they are! Although moving small amounts should not affect your rank
the second token AFITX is added value and benefits to you and all actifitters.
Try to read the post again, and chat to us on discord if you have questions :)

I will @mcfarhat. Thanks. I have a couple of other questions too.

When you say "moving small amounts should not affect you rank" what do you mean by a "small amount" and is it cumulative?

And . . . thanks for the AFITX tokens. 😁

it really depends what your current AFIT balance is, since rank and AFIT balance are in ranges.
We can check that in more details on discord

More great work. I'm continuously impressed by how you and your team are running this project mcfarhat. Delegating to this a long time ago was the best decision I've made on steem in a long time.

oh thanks man, means a lot !

No, thank you. You're helping keep my hope alive lol.

Wow what a great announcement and keep on bringing them, as us the community we're not getting tired as well lool
I think with this update @actifit moves as number one project on Steem Blockchain!

Definitely for sure this update is the biggest of all looking forward to see a positive vibes in the community.

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Wow. This is HUGE!! I checked the website and as I saw the new layout, i knew that the big announcement was out, but this completely went over my expectations. Great job again, @actifit team!!

@actifit, This is really boosting updates team and in my opinion most of us were waiting for the Steemengine update but with that great to know about the AFIT Exclusive Token too. Keep up team and really excited for the future journey.

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Awesome news my friends. Just another amazing benefit of being @actifit. #SteemOnDudes!

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Kudos for all the improvements you bring to Actifit, @mcfarhat and team!

This is great! I came to Steemit not doing much until I found @Actifit and now that's what keeps me here! Looking forward to what's to come!

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This is pretty amazing!

Woohoo I made it into the top 3 thats nice to see after dropping off the list for a few days while on vacation

Some really interesting developments in this post thanks for all th greta work your doing on this project

Oh this is fantastic news, thank you actifit developers, you are doing amazing work!!!

Congrats. I can already see some activity happening with AFITX. Looks good to me.


Wow. Almost every block has Actifit transaction. Interesting.

great work on that steem apps explorer :)

Awesome update I love how much actifit drives people on the Steem Blockchain and encourages us all to do more activity - which helps our health and wellbeing. !COFFEEA 15

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Things are heating up. It's a full summer when it comes to Actifit, especially AFIT, new functionalities :)

Well, there are a lot of options outlined in the article. I'll have to digest them one by one.

For starters, let's check the wallet ...

Sorry, nothing there:

Looks like the internal database has a hickup?

As for the moving AFIT tokens to S-E or the other way around, I still have issues with withdrawing the tokens from S-E to the Actifit wallet. So I won't try the other direction any time soon :)

Anyways, fully upvoted and resteemed! I'll also share this article on other social media...

hey @ervin-lemark,
yes there can be brief downtimes on some nodes, which is why we increased our servers and have multiple nodes serving for now. Few second hiccups can happen but service restores quite quickly following as you showed below.
For the AFIT to S-E, im surprised you have problems with that. This usually requires your "Active key". If you still have problems with it, you know where to find me :)
For the AFITX balance, this is fetched from Steem-engine API, so if it s not showing the numbers, it means their API node haven't caught up yet.
for the AFITX on phone, yes we plan on adding them

Good morning and thanks for the answer.

Yes, the AFIT transfer is still in the works. The error is something about Steemconnect auth keys ... I tried with clean Steemconnect login and the result was the same.

Yes, discord. I am avoiding it intentionally during summer :)

Update seconds later. AFIT count and history is working now. Still no AFITX in the wallet ...


A question - will you add the display of AFITX tokens to the phone app too?

Very exciting news! I love that you guys are not standing still for a moment!

Great! Receive my #AFITX today. Hope to buy some more on the dip

Trying to figure out what all that means.

At one place it says:

Your user rank will increase via holding AFITX tokens.

On the other hand it is also mentioned:

Keep in mind that moving AFIT tokens can negatively influence your user rank, as one of the factors is the amount of AFIT tokens held in your Actifit wallet. So use that wisely.

Hey peeps! I ain't so wise after all. Will someone volunteer to help me out to reconcile both these statements?

Should I be holding AFIT or AFITX?

Hold both for maximum user rank.

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amazing always surprise us with your great updates and improvements the truth does not stop surprising me keep working like this

I am very excited to announcement move AFIT S-E I am hold 10 Afitx

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You got some MARLIANSstake. Also a space to oversee for 'actifit'. Somehow we can grow together. See

Other actifitters can add in #marlians to their steem posts for their post to appear on and earn some MARLIANS (a steem-based token) along with steem. There are four 'certified' uloggers (overseers) so far overseeing '' and each got some stake to curate with; a good start at least. Stay awesome.

I am on discord @surpassinggoogle#1660. Kindly complete the 4 simple steps for getting 'certified' here, if you haven't. That will be appreciated.

hey @surpassinggoogle,
i'll reach out on discord

Great news but I did not get everything to be honest.
For the airdrop, some people are going to receive hundreds of AFITX so hundred of steem. But the price you set is a theoretical one right ?

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hey hey man!
haven't heard back on discord.
for your questions:
price is initial price of course to which tokens will be sold, market price gets decided by transactions.
airdrop is complete, max amount received is 10 AFITX per user.

Hello there,
I have been under water at work lately.
I just didn’t find a simple answer, to transfer my AFIT tokens to S-E I need to go through the website of actifit? Because I don’t see any option on the iOS app.
Thanks and talk to you soon ;)

Posted using Partiko iOS

yes its via the website, just go to your wallet and you can initiate transfers over there.

I think you meant 10 STEEM/AFITX not /AFIT

AFITX helps overcome this by providing a priority to 25 top AFITX token holders to get their exchange within the next reward cycle.

I'm guessing that you'll provide more detail when this feature fully rolls out, but I'm curious about how it will work. Will it be based on static holdings, i.e. the top 25 get priority if they happen to request it, but if they don't then the slots aren't reserved, or is it based on the relative holdings of the people who happen to have exchanges pending in the queue? Or something else?

so the plan is that every single day, once we are to perform the AFIT to STEEM upvotes, we will pick top 25 users who have AFITX and who have opted for doing a transfer, and give those priority for getting the upvote directly. So yes its relative among those applied for the AFIT upvote exchange service

Cool. Thanks!

hi. what a bit announcement :) congrats...
Like I always says "doing sports is healthy. And with Actifit better" :)
Just a question @mcfarhat . We will be able to all announcements, at same way, if AFITS moves to S-E, or only if remains on AFIT WALLET? tks

Posted using Steeve, an AI-powered Steem interface

Thank you @marfonso,
Not sure i understood your question, but now you are able to move AFIT to S-E via holding some AFITX.
Might be easier to join discord and connect with us there.

That's super awesome, but I'd like to see the App itself having cool features added!

As a cyclist and 'senior' user of Actifit I must say that the only reason I've stopped using the App is just because it became impossible to meet the 5k steps on a bicycle, thus the fun of chasing top scores ended.

Lately a quick 50km MTB ride gave me 1100 steps, where once it used to yield at least 10k with the same setup (phone on my handlebar). Last year the max I could reach was near 30k steps on a 100km ride. - Either my phone is a big poop or the App needs a better measurement system for bikes, like taking into account calories burned? distance? gps tracking?

Some will say that I should put my cellphone on my socks, but is it really viable on a mountain bike adventure crossing rivers and rocks, sweating like crazy?

I'm sorry for my criticism, I'm generally ultra reserved when it comes to my own opinions, but I DO like the ideas behind the project and its proven its value when it comes do adoption, but the way it is at the moment it's unusable.

Nah not in yah socks but like i see runners have the phone on there arm, you could get it for ya leg! like a holster :) Nice waterproof thing! Your still on the road?
It works fine as a step counter, and the dev team's work has been great considering the price of steem and alts in general. We are lucky they obviously have a good hodl or they would go bankrupt! :)

Do we want Gps tracking on it? :) uuuhhh but maybe if its optional, then thats innovative, not all of use like to use that stuff. Happy to see your still on chain dude!

Hoah, @movingman, I'm still on the chain and still one hella of a supporter of Actifit - I still don't like the idea of carrying my phone on my legs though, it's not handy at all especially on the road where I need it to check maps all the time or where it's very vulnerable to the many variables of a bike adventure \o\

I'm not on the road, I'm back home, but hopefully I'll find my way again and find motivation to travel/post.

I missed this reply! Wasnt being rude :P Ah you pussy what happened to go old fashioned map and a compass :) I cant wait to travel again but im in no hurry atm!

HAhaha duuuude, good old paper map is the way to go indeed! I'm no hurry too, mainly because I'm broke af \o\

hey no worries @mrprofessor!
Im starting to think your phone model has special limitations with Actifit, as apparently it is one of the few still not able to capture activity adequately.
I hope we can find better ways to help you with this.

Superb, it might be, it's the same phone I've been using for years now, even for Actifit since it was launched.

Ready for the RFID chip
in your body..???

Great update to consider! Will the new token balance be in the wallet of the App as well? Thanks!

Posted using Partiko iOS

this is awesome news of the day and I am so excited. Great work team.

So you are going to open an internal exchange on And the AFITX is going to be involved in that? How will that work?

excelente lanzamiento Actifit, felicidades

Thank you very much for mentioning @actifit. It motivates me to keep going!

This is exciting news! Thank you for your continued improvements to Actifit!

Excellent waiting for airdrop

Posted using Partiko Android

Great news. New challenge for better performance :-)

Things are getting for more interesting each passing day! The future is bright for sure

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Actifit day by day step by step steady improvements is so Amazing ! 💙

We that all members for their delegation to support @actifit and we encourage all and sundry to continue sharing their great content with @actifit, we hope to enjoy good and quality times with @actifit.

Wow, Nice announcement it is well, am ready to following all The Time for Many information

This is a great update, keep it up and stay awesome.

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coffeea Lucky you @actifit here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

Great thing, cant wait for this airdrop :)

What a dump. 😒

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