The Great Challenge - Week 5

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Another week done, and another story written for The Great Challenge with Dean Wesley Smith.

That makes five now.

  1. Red Orchid - Romance - 3,800 words
  2. Debts And Obligations - Fantasy - 14,200 words
  3. Naughty And Nice - Modern Fantasy - 4,800 words
  4. Popper's - Mystery - 4,100 words
  5. The Case Of The Missing Rocker - SciFi/Mystery - 7,200 words

Also this week, I recorded two more short stories for audiobooks: The Memory Of Justice, and A Chat Before Dinner. These are both stories that I did on the podcast earlier, but those recordings were from my early days and the quality was bad enough I just decided to redo them.

They're both going through the publishing process now, and should be available in a few days. As before, probably on Google Play and Apple first, with the others to follow soon thereafter.

With those two done, all ten of the stories from my Short Story 10-Pack are now audio-ized. Which means I'll be compiling Short Story 10-Pack into a single audiobook this week as well. Be looking for it.

That's it for this one. Hope y'all have a great week.

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