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Some people still make ghosts as a tool to reduce their child's delinquency.

If the government scares its people against someone as a ghost, how will it be? For Sumatran people, Tan Malaka is a legend. He is a figure who can move places hundreds of kilometers in an instant. He can change his form at will.

The more days, the memories of some people about it only worsened, no matter the studies increasingly opened up the various mysteries of history that surrounded him to this motherland.

Tan Malaka was considered someone who was dangerous by the colonial regime. Its existence is dangerous. He is a figure who is capable of convincing people, an accomplished mass builder, and an effective movement mobilizer. His writings are more dangerous. Sukarno was given a heavier sentence when he was tried in Bandung just because he was caught saving the prohibited book Mass Actie (Mass Action) by Tan.

Tan Malaka, as a result, spent more than half of his life as a fugitive. He cannot stay in one old place and must use a fake identity on many occasions. He has 23 pseudonyms and always moves.

We also know after seeing the historical record that in 1948, Tan found the end of his life. He was executed in Kediri. Various theories developed about intrigue which led to his death. Tan's existence was too overwhelmed by the rising power.

To be continued


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