Clever in guarding property

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The meaning of life is tucked in this case, falling up is an inevitable part of. Who never gives up who will enjoy the sweetness of success. You should never give up before you succeed. Therefore business and prayer are two things that cannot be separated. so don't worry about being upset, upset and restless but thankful and enjoy what is not everyone has a salary but everyone has sustenance, we as humans must be grateful for all the blessings that have been given to us through the sustenance given by God to us all, because we as humans can not all have a salary because not all of them have jobs in the company or offices and cannot have sustenance.


Some people try to do things that can make money more valuable, but few people actually even allow money lost so saja.Salah them is to do some things are not favorable, such as waste and never save or invest. Such useless things that make people unaware that their wealth will disappear soon. That is the power that God gives us whether we as servants want to thank him or even do not want to thank him and sometimes people do not want to worship Allah even though Allah has provided him with abundant sustenance, that is what is called a man of infatuation who is not good at putting things on his class.



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