Smiles and lies

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You're lying

Some people lie already become habits and addictions. If someone does a lie very often, then there are so many signs that will provide knowledge that he is lying.

The words compiled by a liar are very clear and the direction is very chaotic. Unless you don't notice it or you are very stupid.

people who are lying will continue to repeat the same sentence and convince listeners continuously. There are also some people who repeat the same sentence in order to convince the listener as did a teacher in his class or a lecturer. They also repeat the same thing as a liar.

And by repeating the words, the liar tries to think by giving a period of time for his brain to think of the next strategy if the first step is not effective for the listener, especially if the liar sees the listener in doubt, so he continually adds repetition and adds further information to convince the listener.


Smile lies

A smile gives a good sign to other people.
Smiles have been used by liars to launch their lies and look good (not lying). with a smile, it looks friendly to them.
A smile is a surefire move, especially if we are going to women as the aim of our fishing rod and catch.

Someone who smiles excessively and for no reason is suspected of having a smile. Unless the person is in service or too stupid for that.

The smile is a sign to weaken the opponent so that he is fascinated by his beautiful smile, even though he is a poisonous snake who is deceiving you.


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