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This incident is recorded in a book which includes famous Patriarch of Water Pat, Kalandar of his time, and a great expert of spiritual knowledge, Mr. Ghaus Ali Shah contains the life and life of his water travel. The book titled Taqrara Ghousia Is. Maulana Gul Hussain Shah Qadri, Maulana Abdullah of this book. Joshua is also the bright stars of heavenly spirituality. This incident, Mr. Ghaus Ali Shah is a reminder of a journey of water leaf.

Our meeting in Bhutan was with Abdullah bin Ayaari Qari Lala. We were with them. One day we asked him a strange question. The question was: Have you ever received any reader? Instead of getting angry or questioning, he said, "Yes, once we were going to dinner, we stayed in the village of a village."

There are some readers here asking people. People said that Qari Sahib does not know, but there is a blind Hafiz who teach children to teach the Quran. We wish to meet him .. Hafiz Sahib did not leave his house. Students turn in and get out of lessons.

At that time the student was waiting for her turn. We sent a report about his arrival, Hafiz ji called us. After the prayer prayer, we requested them to recite the Koran. It is said that you read it first. We showed insult, they insisted. So we recited a bow. When you finish the recitation, do you cry for it? We were surprised.

How did you recognize? He said that there could be someone else who was so beautiful to read this beautiful reader in India. After this, Hafiz ji started our recitation on our request, now it was not fulfilled that even a vessel covered with cloth cloth was born in the head of the vessel, and he started and started Given. When Hafiz finished the recitation, he came to his place

We were watching this scene with tremendous eyes. Seeing our surprise, people said that you are fantastic in the car and we just said .. If you are there, then we will show you more details .. He went and reached a well and said, "Waiting for the wudoo '. This is a release on the well. We said to Hafiz," I am going to guide you. "

He said, "There is no need for hardship." You all started standing by the sunrise. We began to study. The man shouted and shouted to the shore. Hafizji said that after thirsting, the thirsty thirsty, you should do so. After reading the Surah, read on the fingerprint of your testimony and point to the point of view. We did the same, the liberation took place, Hafizji got the water and we started running the farmer after us running. "What did you do?" Will be Hafiz said to us ... Please read this way three times to finger the finger. We did the same as the Torah.

Such events are not found in books only, but we are witnesses of such incidents that can be called psychologist. Go to Lahore on Rawalpindi from Rawalpindi, after the Raut, the town of Kalamam Awan is situated on the right side of the road. Babafal religion is a common place in the same town. Many kalamams are attributed to them in the area. Baba Kalami, Hazrat Khawaja Pir of Mehr Ali Shah, was born on the high throne Golden Groh Sharif (Islamabad). The funeral prayer of Baba Jaili was also read by Hazrat Khawaja Pir Mehr Ali Shah Goldenwhe. At the Baba Baba Kalami, a blind Hafiz Sahib came to pilgrimage from South Punjab.

Hafiz stood up and started reciting. Somebody said Subhanullah. Hafiz Sahib was reciting the reward for the reward, but by the voice of Subhan Allah, they came to know that no one is being benefited from the blessings of Allah. Their voice was raised. Swose increased. Soon, the people who were hearing the hearing were gathered together. When Hafiz completed the ruku, one of the leaders invited him to be the guest of the night. Hafiz said that they need a separate room for the night to go. Subscription was accepted. Someone in the night saw that the house was awake to hear the sound of recitation. The door of the room of Hafiz is halfway. Hafiz is a divergent in the Koran and sitting in the room, many ladies sitting in the room are busy listening to recitation.

At the morning query, Hafiz Sahib said that they are all his students, but they are not bin Laden and they come to learn from the recitation. This Hafizi was the resident of Mohodha Amin, situated on the side of the Chakwal road, but spreading the teachings of the Qur'an. Were settled in southern Punjab. The brother of the Hafiz Sahib, who was retired from Auroraus, used to say that the copy of the recorded cast in his voice used to take the genealogy to anyone whom he had given. I copied a cast from them as a experience. And put your writing table in a row. The caste disappeared a few days later.

Sahib Taqrika Ghousia wrote the story of Qari Lala or the story of elderly people in other books is that the readers read such stories and learn the fact that there is a difference between reading and thinking. In the book revealed in his book, man has told people that it is a sacrifice and healing for those who believe. There is also a need for consideration.

Marca's space agency is a research center named NASA in Kora. Where researchers include many countries specialists. The knowledge of knowledge is to be taught and whoever teaches his knowledge becomes an expert of knowledge. Elemental and Arctic name is still alive.

Then the Arabs occupied. Among the nine and thirteenth centuries, Ibn al-Hashim, Jabir ibn-Hayan, Al-Ahmami, Kharazmimi, Ibn al-Jihad in the names of maths, astrology, medicine, chemistry, physics, philosophy, history, tourism, animals and geography, Farsas, Jabir bin Sansan, Farabi and many others. After the thirteenth century, in all sorts of texts, the European and the United States took up a stand for research and research. The river crosses the fleet but makes the fleet crossing.

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