Update your relationship

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specifically for singles

You may have felt the sweetness of love.
Maybe we have felt the love will be bland.
love has lost its sweetness.
longing has gone away,
So it's time for you to make something that can make your life more aggressive again.
Make it always miss you.


Make a new and effective strategy

Control your communication, meaning not too often, make a significant communication distance.
Make him feel like he will lose you.
It is like we respect our ears and consider the presence of ears as important when the doctor says that we will be deaf if we don't do some of it to our ears, that's when we feel and think that the ears are valuable when we almost lose them.

Take advantage of some small clues and avoid habits.
Change your perfume.
Change your style. Leave a few items as if we forgot the object that we will carry.

CategoryMacro photography
Takenwith Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Macro lensNikon l810
SettingAuto HDR
Taken by@anasz





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