The feeling of a woman is very strange

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Women when sad need a man

Woman emotionally soft.
A gentle woman with a heart full of affection.
But women also have a hard heart when it comes to their feelings and determination.
So the woman is strong from one side and weak from the other.
Women are easily angry and cranky.
Easy women carry their feelings in many ways.
But when sadness comes, a woman really needs a man next to her.
When you are there when he needs, then you become a hero for him, but when he is happy sometimes he forgets us who are giving him warmth and attention.

When he is sad and wants to reveal his heart

When that happens, you must be a good listener.
That is, you must be ready to hear whatever he says.
You have to give advice sometimes, not much, just as a sweetener. If you give a lot of advice, then assume you disagree with him.
And don't just keep quiet what he is telling. Add a little of you to the question, don't argue with what he is saying, even though it is far different from what you have in mind.


When someone says "I'm OK"

Must have to know the meaning of the phrase "I'm fine".
That sentence on many occasions is a lie that a woman shows to her partner, you must know that!
Women's words in many situations will not be the same as those in her feelings.

The women say "I'm okay", so they aim so you don't worry about what's happening. but when that happens (you don't worry), then they are upset with you who don't worry, so you are wrong too.

So what should you do at that time?
You must be able to understand the woman with the two feelings that you will display.
You have to show them that you are not worried and you have to be able to also at the same time show full care even though he forbids you to do it. Very strange? That is a woman.


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