Outbreaks become heroes at the end of the story

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Explanation of the plague

Outbreaks are the occurrence of mass spread of disease in humans, plants, and animals.

This outbreak is a disease spread in a region widely and cannot be dammed.
This epidemic was studied in Epidemiology.

Epidemics are epidemics that occur quickly in a short time, unpredictable.
An Outbreak is a disease that occurs in the population in a certain period called the incidence rate.

Animals have a strategy in overcoming epidemics by moving from that place before the outbreak spreads widely. This strategy has been determined by God.


A disease is said to be an outbreak when the disease:

  1. The disease has never been infected by the community for a long time.
  2. A new, unknown disease comes.
  3. The disease is a disease that is the first time infecting people in the area.

Cholera epidemics have always been a problem throughout human history. This disease is caused by food or water contaminated with the existing Vibrio cholera bacteria. Because it can cause severe diarrhea and dehydration.


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