Ladybug is a very interesting animal

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Everyone comes to him feeling pessimistic about trying to survive. If this pessimistic feeling is not dammed, the then pessimistic behavior will be able to swallow you perfectly.

The pessimist will grow and become discouraged, which will be able to eliminate the faith in God slowly and unnoticed by his soul.

Unbelievers face despair by examining their essence, hopeless factors, then hopeless implications, and solutions took and taken to control despair. In contrast to believers, Believers also study despair and consider despair as part of the trials God must face for him.
Believers have faith that God is with them and will be a noble person by conquering the problem without having to despair in solving the problem.


Ladybug always has a strategy

Ladybugs are part of God's creatures and they never give up and they face problems with God's grace.

God's grace is very broad and given to all things and things. Even the ladybug gets God's grace. Ladybug was created by God with the ability to survive and avoid despair.
Ladybug if we see it as if they were merely God's creatures, but actually they also believe in God who created it in their own way and only God knows of all of its creatures.

Prophet Ibrahim PBUH said that:

There is no one who despairs from the mercy of his Lord, except those who go astray.


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