Introducing Aceh Koin, an Indonesia focused Tribe with a planned EOS token & newdex listing. Sister project to SAND paving way for more City based steem engine EOS TELOS tribes

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@acehkoin is a new Aceh Indonesia focused tribe with an EOS-EX component to allow for cross chain activity and with the goal of onboarding as many Aceh, Indonesia residents as possible to Steem EOS and Telos blockchains

ACEH exists now on Steem-Engine and approx 10,000 steem is being raised to pay for Scot tribe + EOS-EX + barebones marketing and development by selling approx 10% of the max supply of 1 billion.

This is a project by @sandiegocoin creator @ackza and some of its supporters who also happen to be Indonesian. these users include @tytran and elsalilipaly on telegram who is @wahyurahadiann on steem. His support for SAND, an EOS project for a city he doesn't live in, was very helpful to me and inspired me to create a tribe for Aceh Indonesia. Now his city can have the second of these city state tribes that I always planned on setting up for every city on Earth.

You can use Steem to purchase the first ACEH tokens today and help the Indonesian Steem and EOS communities have a home to help launch Indonesian focused blockchain projects.


Come to the Telegram where we will have ACEh EOS on Tipit soom, and for now we can tip SAND, EOS and other coins on tipit.

The population of Indonesia is similar to the entire United States of America and their citizens are very cryptocurrency friendly

We should not let this opportunity to onboard this many millions of people go to waste! I say this is an important project for steem EOS and I plan on involving TELOS and their public sector solutions. We can use telos free main net accounts to onboard en entire nation but before that we can see how many of the 1000 steem accounts I have in INV form i can use to onboard real Aceh and Indonesian residents :)

Aceh Koin Discord has been created. Soon i would like to have an Aceh Indonesia MEME competition using @banjo Steem Engine tip bot


We can also accept BTC and altcoins for ACEH using Off the market trades in the discord using @discordtip and we will have tipit tip bot on the discord, and soon when ACEH is on EOS it will be tipable over twitter using tipit! This will allow us to grow this project to local Indonesians on twitter, tipping as many as we can. 1 ACEH will be reserved for the 200- 300 thousand residents of Aceh,. Before the 2004 tsunami its population was over 4.2 Million so i will consider reserving that many tokens for future possible residents. 1 Billion max supply was chosen to make room for a possible airdrop to each of the 270 million + Indonesian residents. I want this project to help Indonesia and raise awareness to inflationary fiat currencies having alternatives. I hope crypto peso's 1 billion max supply helps venezuela, just like @wafrica 's 84 million supply helps West Africa and I want this token to help chedge inflation in the Indonesian fiat currency. The primary goal for now is simply unifying all Indonesian Steem users and leading them into a tribe that can use either aceh or indonesia tags on steem-engine scot bot tribes.


If you are an Aceh resident, or Indonesian, please visit the Discord to grab your free ACEH token and apply for future delegation.

We need curators and translators and people to find existing #indonesia and #aceh steem users :)

This is going to be an exciting cross promotion adventure! We will make sure we have a home for all the indonesian steemians posting aceh related content, as #aceh is already a very popular tag. We can use this one city to represent Indonesia and raise awareness to the fact that the city lost most of its population after the 2004 tsunami. We can show the world how strong these people are at rebuilding, they are perfect for a blockchain community and now we have all the tools. We will all work under @uneosio the United Nations on EOS , a project the Telos WHite Paper writer said he loved the idea lets all work together on Global Governance Tools starting with City States on the Blockchain

Thanks so much to @wahyurahadiann for his help supporting SAND and market making on @newdex-io and I really hope my success creating the San Diego tribe can be replicated with teh ACEH indonesian tribe.

I endorse this project and hope we can get at least 3000 steem worth of sales in the token sale so we can get the tribe up, then the EOS token will be right around the corner, and I can ask @tytran about helping fund the tribe and we can get ready for Steem Communities! Things will get very serious when we start harnessing the power of indonesian manpower, we will be one massive marketing machine.

After listing I just bought 1000 ACEH for 10 steem to help start it off, and 100% of that that steem goes to creating the SCOT tribe . EVentually we will have like, @holger32 have some account he owns sent 10% of a token, have it auto sale and then that way all sales directly go to paying for scot boyt features. This is oen way we can auto boot strap projects :D


bought 1000 ACEH for distribution over steem and discord I am giving out ACEH to anyone joining the discord, more for actual Indonesians, even more to Aceh residents :)

Once @gerber is ready, @steemairdrops will soon be airdropping 1,600 to 16,000 ACEH tokens, 1 to 0.1 per each of the top 16,000 steem users from the June Snapshot, ( the list required over 200 SP and to be "active" )

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Amazing of ACEH. I love ACEH!

I like this, I happen to have bought a SAND 10,000 token the first stage , and now I'm happy to hear this project to create a large community on the blockchain steem, for aceh coins and sand. I happen to be an Acehnese who likes cryptocurrency, We Aceh are very proud of this project, thank you

Gron token droe teuh.

Welcome to # Aceh-Coin in Steemblockchain and Eoshio, and we are happy that this dream has finally come true

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