DTube Account: Lost Key Replacement (a one time only process)

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DTube Account: Lost Key Replacement (a one time only process)

Where did I...?

Hi fellow Dtubers/Steemians,

For the vast majority of active DTubers at the moment who doesn't have any issue with their account keys: this post does not apply to you :)

This post details the required steps needed to perform account recovery in the event that you have lost your key

N.B.: we intend to ensure that all users are very well aware that they own responsibility for their keys and that ...

...this will be a one time only process

We are able to perform this activity only because DTube is transitioning between a testnet and a mainnet in the near future.

We will be bringing a lot of content from the testnet into the mainnet - including accounts.

If you have lost your key and notify us via the process defined below, DTube to replace the public key for your account during this transition - and during this transition only!

This will be a one time only process

If you lose your key again, your account will be unrecoverable, you will need to make a new account and you won't be able to get the DTCs from our main-net airdrop.

DTube does not intend to perform this activity EVER AGAIN! This is your only opportunity to recover your account if you have lost your keys, it will not happen again

Having heavily stressed upon the one-off account recovery, lets move on to the process:

Step 1: get a new key

You will need to acquire a new key pair from here

Click "Save to Disk" and download the provided file, then ensure the file is backed up in at least two additional locations (desktop, phone & laptop for example). You can now close this page.

Step 2: send an encrypted memo to @dtube containing your new PUBLIC key

This step verifies that you have created a new key and that you are the holder of the key which has been created.

Send 0.001 STEEM to @dtube with a memo which contains your key in an encrypted form from https://steemitwallet.com

To do so add a hash at the state of the memo.


For example I would send


Plain text keys will still be counted. However users may receive messages from key-protection services warning them they have divulged a key. As long as only your public DTube key has been sent, you are free to disregard these messages.

Step 3: Giving us the information we need

Visit this url: https://forms.gle/RFktd7sh2jc7GJhDA

  1. Paste the new public key into the form
  2. Provide us with your account name

Step 4: Wait for mainnet

During the account creation process for mainnet, your old key will be replaced with your new one - should you have performed all the actions correctly.

If there are any issues with the information provided, a member of the DTube team contact you.

One week left to claim your account and be an early DTube adopter by following us!

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There's an error in this post. It tells users to encrypt their public key memo by starting it with a #. But when doing that, the result is:

"ERROR: Unable to encrypt memo, missing memo private key"

I tried again, without the #, and it worked. It's not encrypted, but that's probably okay.

Bagaimana tahapan untuk buy dtc dari awal sampai selesai. Saya sudah buy dtc, tetapi tidak
Mengetahui apakah saya sudah melakukanya dengan benar. Bisakah anda menjelaskan.

Great initiative team. Appreciate it

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Great news

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Good news dor Dtubers family. greetings from Dtubers Venezuelans Community @vdc.


@dtube, Transitions are vital for any platform and for their users 👥. Team, good to see that you are educating Steemians so that there should not be any loop holes going forward. Keep up team.

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steemconnect login error please help Missing Active Authority undefined [ use active or master key but problem not solved ice_screenshot_20190828-111838.png

I should rejoin DTube. It's been a while since I last used it. I assume you're moving to another blockchain?

I need help! I try to vote but I get this


I do not send the described in the manual 0,001 STEEM to you what should I do now?

DTube on!

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Wow! That's great opportunity. Thanks for another excellent initiative.

I need my videos to remain up and viewable for longer than 3 weeks, so DTube stopped being useful to me a while ago. YouTube is also free, but censors me and collects my data. So I pay 3Speak a few dollars a month to upload to a superior video website that doesn't take down videos.
It's nice to hear that DTube is trying now, though. Maybe they sense there's competition out there? It's a free and decentralized market, after all!

Dtube held videos for 3 months. We've currently expanded our storage infrastructure and videos will remain online for 1 year. We aim to extend this before the 1 year marker is met so as to avoid videos being removed.

You can also use third party services or self-host your own videos which means DTube has no control over when or if they get deleted.

We understand the 3 month issue was a big turn off for many users and it really was an unavoidable issue that arose due to a lack of funding.

hopefully you can understand our predicament and appreciate the steps we've taken to resolve it.

We're committed to holding users videos for as long as possible.

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This kind of initiative is all we wanted to see!

Wow, thank you cause I lost mine.

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Thanks Dtube.
I lost my password so I will try to do the process.

Great ! DTube ♥ LOVE ♬ 💙

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooola dtube ........................tengo un problema ...no he perdido mis claves , tengo las 2 pero al intentar entrar me arroja un mensaje de error que no existe el usuario ¡¡¡ se supone que el usuario es el mismo que Steem y no puedo entrar a dtube como @sepulennto

que puedo hacer en este caso ?

dudes, this is too fucking complicated... ive lost my key because Dtube was lagging and bugging out, then i forgot to save the key on the 4th try.... great stuff..... omfg

fuck this shit. cant even count how many steps this shit takes.... ffs... amaturistic.

my whole channel fucked because of a buggy site... great...

too... many... steps.... fuck this.

Is this over now? I accidently lost my key when installing a new distro. 😥

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Great !! Thank you for this Dtube. Okay, I went through the steps ( though I could not use hashtag as an encryption in memo, It would not go thru so left it out )and completed the whole process about an hour or two ago but still cannot log in Dtube. Maybe it takes a while longer ?? I'll keep my fingers cross that it works as this has been weighing on me a whole lot ;)

I clicked on your wallet and saw that your memo (with private key) is visible to the public. I guess the # was to hide that? Just thought you should know. Hopefully you can change that key and keep the new one secure.

that's my public key

I guess it's okay for it to be public, then..?
I'm not sure why they wanted the keys to be encrypted. Maybe just extra privacy.

Currently when I log in it says "Username Does Not Exist". I guess it takes a little while to recreate my new Key with User

Hi Robert,

My apologies in not seeing this sooner.

This will not be an instant process however if you're seeing that message then it would appear that you have not created a DTube account.

Between your post and now it appears an account has been created: https://avalon.d.tube/account/robertandrew.

If you hold this key and can login without issue, please feel free to update the google form, otherwise if you are having issues, please follow the steps in the article above.

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