Minnows Accelerator Project

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Want a lot of new eyes on your blog? It is amazing how much this "contest" will do for your network.

@rycharde is the mastermind behind this amazing new service run under the account @accelerator.

This is a new initiative to help talented minnows accelerate their growth on Steemit.

Click here to read the rules and Join Now

Besides the possible 200sp reward, there is a community that is building around it. Your blog will see a noticeable increase in traffic, upvotes, and comments. Also, it is an easy way to get feedback and advice.

Actually, I was the winner of MAP6, and am super grateful for what this initiative adds to the community. It's a contest where everybody wins.

Thank You @accelerator!!!!!!!
(sorry it took me so long :)

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@rycharde is the best! He's got a great project going on over there, I am thrilled to be part of MAP 11, it's been so fun getting to know everyone! We've got some great authors that is for sure! Thanks @inquiringtimes for being a little angel and referring me <3 I strongly encourage any authors out there to get on board, it can't hurt to meet some more friends and support this awesome project! XO

@rycharde = "The Mastermind"


What's this from?

Hi @inquiringtimes I would definitely want to join MAP.


Click the above link to join!

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Good Luck!

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