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RE: Stopping @haejin Will Require A Combined Community Effort!

in #abuse4 years ago (edited)

If you see so few users flagging @heajin maybe there are good reasons. Is everyone too lazy or scared of him?

Delegating to a bot will cost you 7 day of lost steempower when you remove delegation. For this reason I don't see this initiative as the most effective.

If you want to protect people doing bad investment following his predictions then you should make a notice on all his post and upvote it so it's the first comment people see.

You can count on support from whales to resolve unjustified flag wars, if you feel like @heajin post are more over-valued than the majority of Steem content then flag them and don't be scared of reprisals.


Did you just say we can rely on whales to reverse unjustified flags?
What is the process for asking for assistance? Who have they helped?
Who are the whales who are offering support?

When people start rewarding "desired" behavior, that is when the behavior will change.
It starts with those with the most influence.

I also acknowledge you did publically support and upvote one of my flags, and I was actually impressed. If you want people to flag, do more of that.

So, you punished Haejin, that is great. If you do not reward the flaggers or at least protect them from damages, it seems unlikely that you will change anyone's behavior.


This is what our stake looks like right now. If the large stake holders can't or will not protect it, it is only going to get worse.

I read all your comments, took for yourself a lot of useful information, thank you all to friends

I am sure if we are together and help each other ,, surely we can solve this problem together ,, .. let's get up and fight ,, we must be ready in any condition ,,, never give up.!!!!


Personally I like this solution the best. If I see something off or wrong I’ll comment rather than flag. With flagging it’s just too easy to spread negativity and start flag wars. I’d much rather have a conversation and let people judge both sides. Sometimes I’ll get no response, sometimes I’ll be flagged(not calling anyone out but some whales do this routinely), and sometimes I’ll get a dialogue.

No @haejin and his followers thinks himself of a freight train...huh what a joke... WE WILL MAKE HIM EVEN WORSE THAN A CART PULLED BY A DONKEY... I AM WITH YOU @hendrix22
So much unnecessary ego in this evil haejin

I like how you argue, after reading your topic of conversation, I made conclusions about the fact that you are here all good people, thank you very much

I'm sorry, but when this happened last time and I got involved, there were no whales to back me up except for @patrice and @r0nd0n. It took a couple weeks to get back up and running again after getting downvoted by rancho and haejin. So, don't give us that crap. The whales were nowhere to be seen and that's why we're back here again seeing the same thing. Give me a break.

I think people are scared of getting flags themselves.

I saw someone else say that it's more productive to just vote for someone else, to shift the percentages. So that's what I'm doing.

It's funny you are saying anything about reward pool rape. You are upvoting you own comments with 80$ upvote and also upvoting your second account @zer0hedge for copy/paste articles from ZeroHedge. Ammount of cognitive dissonance on Steemit is staggering!

It's all about perception if you happen to be one of the self or circle-voters, throwing some mud at the other guys is advantageous in a closed system with a fixed reward pool.

It's more about protecting his reward pool rape then his honest desire to protect reward pool. If @transisto really cared about reward pool, he wouldn't abuse it himself.

Transisto is probably a fraud. Unfortunately we have haejin to deal with first.

Yes, there are only a few flagging because majority is scared. He has already ruined many people's accounts and reps and flagged all of their posts to $0.00 for voicing opinons.

People disagree with the rewards of his posts. You are well aware of haejin's 10-12 posts per day reaching an easy $350 per post every time.

I don't think anyone is against his predictions in the sense that anyone is able to use common sense and choose if they invest or not based on his predictions.

I have not seen any whales helping recover these people's accounts for flagging him. Perhaps this is not an unjustified flag war? I have sacrificed my entire blog and all earnings for six weeks to try and lower the rewards. I am not scared of the consequences as I know what they are.

People are scared though so I think if a lot of users delegate a small portion of their Steem power to one of these accounts then the rewards can be lower substantially. I also feel that it would be a more organized approach at flagging him as it will be a scheduled downvote of 10 posts every evening.

I feel that if enough people make the delegation's he will be unable to flag every user that delegated down to $0.00 as he would have to use all of his power flagging instead of upvoting himself.

Yes, there are only a few flagging because majority is scared. He has already ruined many people's accounts and reps and flagged all of their posts to $0.00 for voicing opinons.

Unfortunately account rep is a very easily manipulated metric, it doesn't mean much to me though. I think the only thing that matters about rep from the point of view of Steemit is when it reach 0. I don't think @Heajin would go as far as flagging a rep below 0. I think that would require about 5 full strength flag with his rep on a 25 rep account.

People who get flagged for voicing their opinion can always re-post the same thing right after. Getting flagged by him or flagging his post has the same outcome except that it's being initiated by him. If I wanted to disagree on @heajin reward I would prefer being flagged by him for 7 day straight than to delegate to a bot that will eventually cost me a full 7 day of lost SP anyway.

I saw that you reached to me on Discord, please let me know there if you see flags from @heajin that steps out of his boundaries.

The outright racist and debunking donkey and whale shitting on my head memes presented by @lyndsybowes; Wife of @hendrix22 and their targeted slanders and efforts to rally support for their hate campaign are outright lies and a shame; they both have stooped so low and shown their true colors and no wonder they get no support! These memes, I have downvoted to termination points. Such are behaviors which I have never shown in Steemit nor have I debunked, cussed anyone with racist or donkey memes, nor have I accused anyone of false multiple accounts. I truly don’t have multiple accounts. I do know that racist memes are highly frowned upon by the KR community. We will NOT stand idle to racist memes!

My downvotes have all been reactionary and self defensive to @hendrix22 who initiated the downvotes and just seems hell bent on projecting his secret sins and hidden hates towards me.

Very weird. I truly feel sorry him!


Hello @haejin,

I'm glad that you decided to come here and contribute to this since it's about you. I would like to make it very clear that I have not once made any racist remarks or memes about you or your KR community.

I did create some memes and called you a "Donkey" many times. The word Donkey I chose because Donkeys are useless and stubborn animals and also considered an ass.

I'm am unsure how you being a stubborn ass is racist. If in anyway that is racist then I apologize for that. I also would like to state that I have stopped the memes over a week ago and currently only just flag you.

Your excessive posts and tremendously large upvotes to yourself as well as your organized ranchorelaxo upvote are frowned upon by the entire community.

Once again you have accused me of crying about being flagged and that your downvotes are only reactionary to my flags. So once again I will explain to that my flags are only reactionary to your excessive posting and high rewards.

I have made it very known to the entire platform that I started 2 additional accounts to flag you with. I made a post requesting to have a civil discussion with you and you answered with a flag.

As I previously mentioned to you we as a platform feel that 4-5 posts per day would be sufficient.

Donkeys have a notorious reputation for stubbornness, but this has been attributed to a much stronger sense of self-preservation than exhibited by horses.[24] Likely based on a stronger prey instinct and a weaker connection with humans, it is considerably more difficult to force or frighten a donkey into doing something it perceives to be dangerous for whatever reason. Once a person has earned their confidence they can be willing and companionable partners and very dependable in work.[25]

Although formal studies of their behaviour and cognition are rather limited, donkeys appear to be quite intelligent, cautious, friendly, playful, and eager to learn.[26]"


Donkeys are far from being useless.

It's not racism. It's #ARTivism.

That is so funny. A downward chart would have been even more appropriate.

Practically everything on the trending page is overvalued, everyday. So, why pick on one person?

I'm assuming that Haejin invested real money into this platform, so. naturally he wishes that investment to be profitable.

There was another whale who was hounded for self-voting, and as a result he powered down and left the site. How does it help steemit if investors leave? The whale was not powering down, he was merely building up his steem power as a hedge against falling prices, but because of the dolphins, he powered down completely and took his profit with him.

Ironically, many of the dolphins who hounded him have never invested a penny in Steemit, but power down constantly to support their real life. This whale didn't need to power down as he was already wealthy in his RL. Obviously, the dolphins wanted him gone so that their payouts would increase, so that they had more fiat to spend.

Personally, I think that your crusade against Haejin is misguided because you have been incited to attack one person; by the people who would rather that you never figure out what they are up to.

I am against "one person" haejin because he posts 10-12 posts a day.

You assuming he invested real money shows me that you took zero time to investigate and educate yourself on the situation before creating a lengthy comment of mumble jumble.

The money he uses to self vote is through a 300k plus delegation from another user ranchorelaxo.

Ranchorelaxo also comes with an additional 1 million SP upvote to all of haejin's 10-12 posts per day with 100% upvotes.

Thank you for voicing your opinion on what you feel is a misguided crusade.

So ranchorelexo invested real money and he wishes the profit on his investment to go to Haejin. What difference does the name of the investor make to the point that I was making? Of course you missed the point because that's what crusaders do.

Waste your time on your misguided crusade because you don't understand that people expect a return on their investment, particularly when the investment is so high risk.

Hi @cathi-xx, there are whales who help the minnows for quality content, not for shit posts.

Thanks @hendrix22 for this hard work!

I will continue to waste my time to protect your investment! :)

I should have said before that I actually think that you are very brave and your intentions are admirable; I'm just disagreeing with your focus.

Actually, investor self-voting could be seen as a vote of no confidence in the platform and I agree with you that it does hinder the growth of the platform, but, I think, not nearly as much as the group of dolphins and whales who earn enough to constantly power down and live the high-life, despite having invested little of their own cash into the platform. The early BTC miners didn't live the high life and/or hoard 50,000+ BTC they gave BTC away and sold it for pennies, and the smart ones probably saved a few thousand not a few hundred thousand!
Too many people on this site are blinded by greed, while they throw crumbs at minnows and pat themselves on the back and then point the finger at single people like haejin, who are merely a symptom of the underlying sickness that they have caused.

I don't understand this comment. A vote of no confidence in the platform? I don't think that applies when you get paid for it.

Also, if you are going to clean up behavior when exercising your stake, it makes perfect sense to target the worst offender in terms of abuse and go down the line.

Just because you invested so much doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. That's the whole point of stake. You are sharing, and if the others with stake have something to say about the behavior of one abusive stakeholder, they can and should take action.

I think that you are unjustly pulling the race card. Race has nothing to do with what you're doing or why people are flagging you. You know what you're doing.

The pictures aren't shitting on your head because it's not your head.

I don't think that your reactionary flags are because of race. I think that the race card is your scapegoat.

I'm also not sure how you see every single donkey pic as racist, but then again, I've never heard of orientals being referred to as donkeys. Maybe I've missed this one.

Either way I think it's just a way to deflect the situation.

@Haejin, you are awesome. I hope you can ignore the haters, and keep letting us know how we can help you. Thanks for your awesome TA.

Here's mine recently demolished by this mad elephant @haejin
He will not get away with this.

I find this hilarious!!! How did this even start???

The delegate to bot element of this takes away the anonymity. It is far better (to keep a sense of decentralization) for everyone to flag him individually. But really we should buy a large amount of steem power delegations, swell our power for a week or so and flag @haejin until he comes round to the negotiating table.

Hear hear! Well stated Mr. T!

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